Worst Fights During Match Between Rivals Pakistan And India

Match Pressure Leads To On Field Fights Between Pakistan And India

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Worst Fights During Match Between Rivals Pakistan And India. This will be not wrong if we say rivalry between Pakistan and India is bigger than the rivalry between Australia and England in the field of cricket. After the partition, there are always tensions between the two nations. Which results in four military wars between both of them. Players from both the countries take these emotions in the field of cricket which make the contest between them more interesting and dramatic. The match between them makes you feel like a war is going on between the two nations. These feelings are not just limited to the players of both teams but people of both the nations take it extremely seriously.

Worst Fights During Match Between Rivals Pakistan And India

It is quite clear that when players from the two teams playing with such emotions and energy there will be some damage done. And the history is full of these emotions which burst out and do the damage during the match. We will look some famous fights from the cricket history of Pakistan and Indian.

Kapil Dev and Majid Khan

In 1978 Kapil dev playing his 2nd test match intentionally bowl some negative bowling ie way down the leg side which make the Majid khan so much angry that he took leg stump out of the ground and placed it way down the wide line of leg stump. But thanks to umpire he resolves the issue and match continues.

Famous Javed Miandad jumping

In 1992 both the teams came face to face. In which Indian keeper Kiran make appealing on everything even on the wide balls. javed Miandad get irritated and stop playing for a moment and turn to Kiran to shut his mouth . On the very next ball Javed played them but there is never a run he comebacks to his crease and make some jumping practice in front of Kiran.



The Gautam Gambir and Shahid Afridi have always been in media news whether are playing against each other or tweet on each other. In 2007 the drama begins when Gambir played a straight drive and make collision with Afridi. Again in 2010, Gautam Gambir has some angry time with a Pakistani player and this time it’s none other than Kamran Akmal. The tensions began when Akmal appeal two times on of caught behind.

Worst Fights During Match Between Rivals Pakistan And India
Steamed up players

Another drama created when in Asia Cup India requires 7of 7 ball and Shoaib Akhtar beat the last ball to Harbhajan sing and make some ugly talk to him . And drama continues when Herbajjan sing makes a six in the next over of Muhammad Amir.


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