Why New Year Resolutions Are Important-A Brief Overview

Resolutions are just like "things-to-do list" in long terms

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Why New Year Resolutions Are Important-A Brief Overview. Aims and goals always play significant role in our lives. Resolutions are just like “things-to-do list” in long terms. So with a better, clear and long term plan in the head would definitely lead us to a good new year in 2018.

Why New Year Resolutions Are Important-A Brief Overview

Here is the list of top 10 New Year Resolution of 2018 found on the web:

Top 10 New Year Resolutions:

  1. Lose weight – 48%
  2. Exercise more – 41%
  3. Save more money – 32%
  4. Improve diet – 31%
  5. Something else – 22%
  6. Pursue a career ambition – 15%
  7. Spend more time with family – 14%
  8. Take up a new hobby – 12%
  9. Decorate at home – 11%
  10. Cut down on alcohol – 9%

Key to Stick to Your Resolutions:

Only having aims and goals is not enough. We need to stick to our resolutions through out the year as well. Otherwise there is not benefit of having goals. That’s why it is always recommendable to have easy and achievable goals in life.

Tips for New Year Resolution Plan:

So here are the few tips to establish your resolution list:

  • Pick out the top 5 things you want to achieve and then prioritize them.
  • It’s natural to slip up but don’t let minor setbacks completely crush your plans.
  • Reward yourself for the success.
  • Buddy up with a partner because they can reinforce your resolution & share in your pain.
  • It’s not always about giving something up in life.
  • Don’t ditch your favorite treat/tipple at the same time as embarking on a new exercise regime.
  • Get fitness savvy fast.
  • Think feel-good factor on every level.
  • Have a “dream goal” and a “settle-for” goal.
  • Pay attention to the maths as much as the macros.

The tips are shared by Fitness Expert Laura Williams. We hope that they would help you in establishing you new year goals in case you didn’t devised them yet.

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