Why every trader must own BTC: Explains Brian Kelly

he mentioned the performance of BTC in the exchanges which has outperformed Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other top digital currencies.

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Why every trader must own BTC: Explains Brian Kelly. Crytpto traders are all the time searching for green signals, either on the exchange or outside it. The reason is that there is no clear-cut observation that could lead the traders towards a successful trade. Brian Kelly’s observation about Bitcoin Cash (BTC) is valued in the trading community and it has been circulated widely on the internet. In an interview to CNBC, Kelly said that BTC is a must-own property for every traders these days.

In support of his claim, he mentioned the performance of BTC in the exchanges which has outperformed Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other top digital currencies.

Why every trader must own BTC: Explains Brian Kelly

Why every trader must own BTC: Explains Brian Kelly
Era of Cryptocurrency

carrying forward his arguments, He added to his statement that BTC miners are collecting a fund mostly from their rewards to invest back into BTC blockchain development.

Kelly says:           “That’s how blockchains gain value. You are going to be getting more use cases to the extent that usefulness translates into value. That could be a positive for bitcoin cash”

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What Kely actually observed?

In the same way, he explained why he considers it important for the traders to own BTC. Similarly, BTC has performed well on the exchanges and secured a gain of 6%. In the background of a time where traders and digital currencies are unable to stamp their value, BTC actually did. Its value in April was around $600. To everyone’s surprise, It dramatically increased in the start of May to reach above $1800 and today it is present with $1235 at the exchanges. However, The key point is that it kept on increasing its value despite the hard time where other giant currencies are suffering. The other important factor to be highlighted here is that it maintained its support above $1000 for more than a month now. Similarly, We have seen Bitcoin couldn’t touch $10,000 mark despite its bullish predictions.

BTC is gaining popularity

To start off with, BTC is the fourth biggest digital currency in terms of market cap. The reason for its increasing adoption is that it’s instant processing capacity. Even the top currency Bitcoin suffers from processing delays. Keeping this in mind, The growing popularity seems to grow continuously with the innovative developments taking place to improve the efficiency of the platform. The most prominent of such developments is forming of Bitcoin Cash development funds. The miners in a meeting decided to give some part of their reward to this fund that will be used to improve the performance of BTC ecosystem.

A highly Rewarding Signal

Traders are all the time waiting for some news, suggestion or recommendation for their trading strategy. Therefore, This news seems to be the hottest since it’s not based on speculation. The claim has a support of logical observations and a month-long performance of the coin. Crypto traders should take this news as a potential rewarding trading signal to do profitable trades. Such logic-driven observations and findings can potentially lead to a rewarding trade.  Keep following for latest crypto news and valuable trading analysis.

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