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What is back pain? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

All you need to know about back pain

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Back pain is the general term that normally refers to a discomfort somewhere in your back. The second name for the back-pain ‘Lumbago’.  Back pain is actually not a disorder. However, it is the symptom of few different types of medical disorders. Back pain is usually caused by a problem with one or more parts of the back, which may include ligaments, muscles, nerves and vertebrae etc.

Back pain is nowadays not limited to any specific factor, it’s the problem of every second person if you look around. Back pain is the main leading cause of disability and the reason due to which most of the people miss their work and go to doctor.

In this article you will get familiar to everything related to back pain. May it be causes, treatments, risk factors, remedies etc. etc.

Symptoms of back pain:

  • Muscle Ache(pain)
  • Stabbing pain (burning pain-feels like needles and pins)
  • Improve in pain with reclining (lying back)
  • Pain that gets worst with bending, standing or walking

When to visit a doctor?

We can resolve most back-pain issues with home treatment and self-care, but in some cases back pain might be indicating a serious medical problem. Some cases of such category are given ahead;

  • Back pain accompanied by fever
  • Back pain followed by a fall
  • Back pain that is severe and doesn’t show any improvement with rest
  • Back pain that spreads down the legs
  • Back pain that causes weakness in one or both legs
  • Back pain is accompanied by unexplained weight loss

Types on the basis duration:

There are two types back pain if we talk about duration,

  • Acute back pain
  • Chronic back pain

Acute back pain:

Acute back pain usually lasts for maximum 6 weeks, it comes on suddenly.

Causes: Acute back pain normally results from the heavy lifting or a fall.

Chronic back pain:

Chronic back pain is the case when pain lasts more than 6 months, doesn’t show any recovery and seems to be a serious problem.

Causes of back pain:

Back pain is often caused without problems that only your doctor can diagnose with the help of the tests etc. Some of the problems linked to back pain are mentioned below;

  • Muscle / ligament strain: muscle strain develops due to repeated heavy lifting or sudden awkward moves.
  • Osteoporosis: vertebrae of spine develops compression fractures if the bones are porous.
  • Ruptured disk: the soft substance inside the disk can rupture a nerve where as disk acts as a cushion between spinal vertebrae.

Risk factors:

Here goes a set of risk factors that can lead to back pain where as anyone can suffer from back pain, even teens and children can suffer from it.


Aging is one of the basic causes of back pain, you are at high risk when you exceed the age of 40.

Improper lifting:

When a person put extra stress on back instead of legs.


smoking reduces the flow of the blood to the lower spine; hence lower spine becomes deprived of various nutrients causing back pain.

Excess weight:

Extra stress on your back due to lifting heavier loads.


Symptoms of diseases like arthritis and cancer includes back pain.


You can prevent back pain by practicing proper body mechanics. Some of the preventions that one can adopt are given ahead.


For improving your skeletal health, one should get used to some good body mechanics like swimming and walking etc.

Maintain weight:

Obesity is also a reason behind back pain, trimming down some weight can prevent back pain.

Sit/ stand smart:

You should go for a seat with good lower back support, keep your hips and knees level. Don’t ever stress your feet much, it will definitely disturb your back.


Many individuals will not need extensive care for back pain, they might get recovered by some home remedies etc. in more severe cases, stronger treatments may be necessary.

Home remedies:

Here are some remedies that you can even try at your home to cure back pain.

Ice /heat packs:

Using heat and cold packs can cure back pain very nicely. Ice packs are most beneficial if someone uses them directly after an injury.


Ointments may be highly effective at reducing back pain.

Essential oils:

Capsaicin is the ingredient in peppers that make them hot, hence they decrease the pain with providing some heat to the injury.

Salt baths:

A hot bath can do wonders for aching muscles, your body can absorb minerals from the salt bath and they can help aching muscles.


The majority of back pain episodes are relieved by treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Topical pain relievers:

The ointments that are rubbed into the skin at the site of the injury to reduce pain.


If your pain radiates down the legs you should inject cortisone (an anti-inflammatory medicine).

Physical therapy:

If you suffer repeated attacks of back pain then you should visit a physical therapist for some muscle releasing techniques and heat stimulation etc.


For people experiencing back pain associated with radiating leg pain and progressive muscle.

Weakness surgery might be the final option.


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