VEON App-Officially Launched in Pakistan

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Communication is becoming more easy and affordable with the launch of various messaging and calling applications mainly known as Over-the-Top (OTT) services. Just like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat etc., the global telecom giant VEON has launched its messaging App “VEON App” in Pakistan today. Prior to this, the company announced its future plans that it will announce this App in around 13 of its markets mainly Russia and Pakistan. VEON App-Officially Launched in Pakistan.

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VEON has launched this App in collaboration with its subsidiary Jazz in Pakistan. The launch event was held today in Lahore in Expo Center where CEO Jazz Mr. Aamir Ibrahim was also present.

VEON App-Officially Launched in Pakistan

With VEON App, users can send messages and make calls to their friends and family members while using mobile network’s data or WiFi. Further, users can also download free songs etc announced by the App on weekly or monthly basis. ‘

As the telecom group, VEON ighighted its strategy for future that it want to appear as a technology company now so the launch of VEON App will make VEON a technology company now.

VEON App-Officially Launched in Pakistan

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