US Lifts Laptop Ban from Only Etihad Airways Flights

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US Lifts Laptop Ban from Only Etihad Airways Flights. The government of US three months back imposed a ban on laptops during flights from 10 major Muslim countries. Now the state department has removed its ban but only from Etihad flights passengers whereas the rest of airlines still suffering from the ban.

US Lifts Laptop Ban from Only Etihad Airways Flights

The turn-over in US state department came after Etihad’s management cooperation with the American security concerns. Etihad airways come up with major enhanced security measures in order to get rid of this ban. hence, Etihad became the first airways among many others who is free from the ban and now passengers coming to US through Etihad airlines can use their laptops during flights.

Let’s see when the ban from other airways is being removed.

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