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Understanding Law: Definition, Sources and It’s Types


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What is Law?

To start first we should know that what is law and what are the sources of law why law is here in the world and why it imposed on us what are the benefits of it etc. answers these questions are here in the article we will start from its definitions

There are many definitions of it many juris defines it one of more way and with different theories and mental approach here we discuss the sound and famous definitions which is easily understandable and which attract the mind of a common man so lets to define the law


“Set of rules and principals recognize by a state for administration of justice is called law means that the rules and regulations made by the state for its people to administration of justice for maintaining the peace and order situations that of regulations and rules are called law.”

“Orders by sovereign backed by sanctions is also known as law that is old definition but powerful a simple it means the sovereign has power to make the law its order whatever it is wrong or right in public favor or not it make the law and enforced.”

“The system made to prohibit the person from wrong doing and maintain the person behaviour towards the society and also social and cultural limitations on person by different sources is called law.”

Why it Imposed?

From start of universe the human is living within limitation prescribed by nature and himself also there are some limits and regulation where human exists according to that which prohibit himself from wrong doing.

So the law came to control the behaviour of person towards other person or society. If there was no law no limitation you know better the human cross from humanity this is the law who control the human and maintain the peace and order in our living life.

So it is very important for us to spending our lives within civilization and respectful behaviour through these means  there are number of benefits of law here in following will clear your mind about why it imposed on us.

  • To maintain the justice
  • Protect you from immorality by any other
  • Help to solve your disputes
  • Make consideration if someone break the contract
  • Punish the criminals
  • Binds the person for his legal promise
  • Prohibit from violation of any type
  • Protect your rights
  • Give way find out the solution of problems
  • Help to establish a peaceful society
  • Defending us from evil
  • Promoting the common good
  • Encouraging people to do the right thing with independence
  • Reliability

These are some benefits where provides us for free in nature


A question arises in our minds that from where the law came what are the sources of it so answer this question there are the following sources

1) Legislation

The first and most powerful source is legislation the body of making the law is called legislation there are three sub sources from the legislation

Act: Any legislation passed by the parliament is called act means that the parliament of country may be consists on one house or two house the legislation passed through voting and simple majority by representatives of public who are elected by the public this type of legislation which is called act is powerful type of law

Ordinance: When the parliament is not in session and there is a need of legislation for a short term or long term or for a specific time period the president of country and governor of province issued any enactment is called ordinance the time period for an ordinance is 120 days

Order: During martial law any act passed by the martial law administrator is called order this is also the source that is in the during the martial law government

2) Customs

During course of business the course and any legislation authority performs work that become part of routine matter or common usage that become custom and custom become law as necessity

Mean that our traditions the rules which are commonly used by our forefather are now the part of our life the rule imposed by our culture as naturally on us that is also become the law

3) President/interpretation

The court Decisions that are cited is called president means that any court judgment for any case that will use as an example for another case use as a law for another case is president the president is also a known source of law the example of it like SCMR , PLD, YRL, CLD, C.L.C, etc.

The interpretation of law by judges and juris also provides us a source where new rules and regulations came because everyone has different point of view which help to find a new reliable source to make the more effective administration of justice as the man is progressing the sources of it are also going towards modernization to make it more efficient.

Types of Law:

There are two types of law that are following

  1. Procedural Law

All the proceedings conducted by a court under an act or law is called procedural law means that the law which is use in proceedings of court and who tell us the method and process of court proceedings and that define the procedure used in getting the justice under any act like CRPC, CPC etc.

2. Substantive Law

All other then procedural law is called substantive law means the law which consists on definitions punishments which explain the code and rules and regulations that is in form of like PPC (Pakistan Penal Code) Specific relief act etc.

Kinds of Law:

There are many kinds of it but we will discuss the very famous and common use kinds in another article with detail here are just the name of kinds of the law and further an article for the kinds of law

  • Common Law
  • Civil Law
  • Religious Law
  • Sharia Law
  • General Law
  • Local Law
  • Special Law
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