UBL Launches Disruptive Digital Banking App in Pakistan

The Campaign is Named as "The New You" by UBL

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United Bank Limited (UBL) while transforming its banking system has launched its UBL Digital App. The mobile application will facilitate UBL customers with multiple features like Augmented Reality, QR fund transfer and Artificial Intelligence. The application has potential to revolutionize the whole banking sector of Pakistan by adding the advanced idea of distributive technologies.

UBL Digital App – The New You

The digital app of UBL Digital will bring the exciting features of ‘Digital banking’ on smartphones. UBL Digital aims to enhance the financial liberty of its customers and to enable them to manage their digital lifestyle anywhere and anytime while on the go.

Let’s watch the TVC of UBL digital app and know more about this app features:

Android Users can Download the UBL App here: UBL

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