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Types of Attorneys in US

All you need to know about Types of Attorneys in US!

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When you are facing any problem, where you need a legal advice or want someone to represent you in the court, you will be requiring a lawyer for advice and or an attorney to represent you in the courtroom.

In this stage, you will realize that legal field is quite large and you will get to know that there are huge number of specialties in law. Whatever is your problem, you will find a specialist attorney who has specialization in that specific field.

We will be discussing few most common legal types of attorneys here:

  1. Corporate Lawyer 

Any business has to face legal issues at some point of time and this is the time where they require corporate / business attorney. This specialty has to deal with a number of areas like intellectual property, mergers, acquisitions, employment, etc. Corporate law has two major sub types:

a) Business Litigation Lawyers – they handle transactional matters like deals negotiations, employment agreements or other legal agreements preparations.

b) Business Transitional Lawyers – they handle matters like when someone sues your business for any legal matter or violation of terms.

2. Immigration Lawyer

This attorney will specialize in immigration issues like visa, residency, citizenship, asylum or refugee, green card. The need for immigration attorneys all over world has increased tremendously as the law changes frequently and for individuals it is difficult to stay updated.

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The immigration attorney will help you complete all the paper work without an unsorted ambiguity so that you get through the whole process without any hassle.

They will help you with any matter, may it be an employer who wants to bring an individual to US from any country or if you want to bring our own family or dependents to US.  Within an immigration specialty, there are attorneys who specializes in only one field for example getting employment visas only.

  1. Criminal Lawyer

If you are convinced with a crime, then you will require help of criminal attorney. He will be a specialist in criminal law including matters like bail, arrest, plea, or criminal trails in small crimes like snatching someone valuables to very serious matters like murder, drug dealing, and money laundering.

This lawyer will defend its client in the courtroom against the prosecution.

There are further two types within this specialty:

a) The Prosecutors – These attorneys represent the government in proving the charges against accused individuals. The government pays them as they work for the state or public who cannot afford to hire a lawyer themselves.

b) Defense Attorneys – These attorneys represent the individuals who are accused of any crime. The individuals pay them.

  1. Family Lawyers

From the title, this is obvious that this type of attorney will handle issues related to family matters. Any issue labelled as domestic matter like divorce, separation, child custody, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, are dealt by family lawyers.

  1. Estate Planning Lawyer

Death is inevitable therefore being prepared for it is always a good idea, especially for your loved ones this is helpful to sort out things latter. Estate attorneys help their clients to make the legal matters smooth so that after death their client’s children and loved ones do not face any legal or other difficulties.

In case, you have minor beneficiaries, then your estate lawyer will help you build a trust fund.  However, there can be a situation, when a person dies without leaving a will and his property has to undergo through probate. A probate is a situation, where a court will decide how your property and assets will be distributed because there was no will.

There are transactional real estate lawyers who specializes in real estate transactions including documentations for transfer of real estate.

6. Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are having financial problems and have to face financial proceedings against you, then you require seeing a bankruptcy attorney. Your financial problems includes anything like your bills, debts, mortgage, insurance claims.

Your attorney will negotiate with the creditor to minimize your debts or get you a feasible installment plan, which will save you from being bankrupt. Moreover, in extreme situation, they will help you consider which type of bankruptcy will suite your circumstances or any alternative to consider.

7. Tax Lawyer

A tax attorney facilitate corporations as well as individuals regarding their tax matters and help you comply with federal as well as state tax laws. If you face an audit, they will go to the tax authority inquiry or even court to represent you.

8. Personal Injury Lawyers

Legal case involving matters like someone has accused another individual, government organization, a private company, for accusing physical or mental injury, here the Personal injury lawyers will help. These lawyers help their clients to claim their damages by suing the accused party. Same their services are also required by the other party to defend them against their accusations.

  1. Medical Malpractice Lawyer

This is most in demand specialty as consumers are aware about their legal rights more currently. For example, if in a hospital, you are diagnosed with wrong illness and were treated for wrong illness, or you have faced side effects of any medications, for all these matters, you have legal rights and personal injury lawyer can better facilitate you.

  1. Employment Lawyer

If you are facing problem with an employee being an employer, or you are yourself an employee and you have problems with your employer, you will require services of an employment attorney.

There are a many types of law specialties, and even within one specialty, there could be further specialties. When you are facing any problem having legal implications, it is always a good idea to sort out an attorney who specializes in that field. An expert can save your time, money and future.


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