Twitter Doubles Character Limit to 280 for its Users

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Twitter Doubles Character Limit to 280 for its Users. Yes now say more with increased number of characters and enjoy more freedom of words. Twitter has increased its character limit twice during this year. Previously, users were given less choice to express themselves. Now with growing number of users, Twitter is transforming its platform with each passing day.

Twitter Doubles Character Limit to 280 for its Users

Interestingly, the Twitter family responded to the rollout of 280 character feature and demands another feature from the team. As the users with hashtag said on Twitter that:

All we wanted was an edit button

Now let’s see when the social media company comes up edit button option for its users. But for sure it will take time, as somehow it is a unique feature of the App that you can’t edit what you have written; instead one can only delete the Tweet.

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