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Top Study Scholarships in the World 2020

List of best study scholarships in US, UK, Germany, France etc. for students

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Every student has a dream to study abroad. This is a lifetime experience for anyone, with an extra ordinary learning experience in terms of studies as well as knowing different cultures.

However, moving abroad for studies is an expensive idea and many of us cannot afford to materialize it. The expensive tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation fees, and then airfares, makes most of us to drop the idea of foreign studies.

Due to globalization, the international community is encouraging foreign talent to come to their country and hence, there are numerous scholarship programs for talented students from all across the world. There are fully funded government scholarships, fully funded universities’ scholarships, half or a percentage funded scholarships in universities and as well specific institutions.

Top Study Scholarships in the World 2020

Top Study Scholarships in the World 2020

These scholarships are a motivation for brilliant students who wants to pursue their higher studies abroad but are short of budget. We will be listing down some of these scholarships, which are most prestigious ones, and which can help you to plan your studies abroad with a financial aid:

Government Scholarships for International Students – Fully Funded

Fulbright Scholarship

World’s best fully funded scholarship by USA government for international students, for masters or PhD programs to study in USA. This scholarship is based on an international students’ exchange program between USA and 155 countries.

Approximately 1,800 brilliant students from across the world are awarded Fulbright scholarship. It covers tuition fee, airfare, textbooks, living stipend, and medical insurance.

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Chevening Scholarship

A global scholarship program of UK government, which is awarded to brilliant scholars who have leadership potential. It is for one-year Masters’ degree program.

Every year, this scholarship is granted to approximately 1000 outstanding students from across 130 countries who wish to study in the UK. This scholarship covers living expenses, tuition fees, air ticket, etc.

Commonwealth Scholarship

The commonwealth scholarship programs is for the students who are from developing commonwealth countries. It aims to facilitate students who wish to pursue Masters’ and PhD degrees in UK. Every year, this scholarship is awarded to approximately 300 students.

It covers airfare, examination fees, tuition fees, living expenses, initial arrival allowance etc.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

A Swiss government scholarship for the graduates’ students to do doctoral or postdoctoral research in any of the public universities or recognized institutions in Switzerland.

This scholarship covers tuition fees, medical insurance, living allowances, and monthly allowance.

Australia Awards Scholarship

Australian government offers Australia Awards Scholarship, formerly known as Australian development scholarship (ADS). The aim is to facilitate students from developing countries, especially Indo-Pacific region, to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Australian universities and TAFE institutions (technical and further education).

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

Sponsored by France government, the Eiffel excellence scholarship for best international students, to pursue their masters’ and PhD degrees in French Universities. This scholarship does not cover tuition fees and covers various expenses as living expenses, medical insurance and return ticket.

University-funded International Scholarships

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The gates Cambridge scholarship is one of the best international scholarship, which is for students from all over the world. This scholarship is for graduate and postgraduate studies, in any subject at Cambridge University. It covers living allowances, university fees, and return air ticket etc.

Approximately 100 students are granted this scholarship every year from all across the world.

Top Study Scholarships in the World 2020

Oxford University – Clarendon Scholarship

The Clarendon scholarship is a graduate scholarship program in Oxford University, UK. This scholarship is awarded to approximately 140 international students every year.

It is granted based on academic performance of every student and it covers tuition fees, 100% college fees and provide a grant for living expenses.

Stanford University – Knight-Hennesy Scholarship

Stanford University in USA encourages a diverse culture and has a vision that a multidisciplinary community from across the world for emerging leaders will be the best idea to cultivate.

Knight-Hennesy Scholarship program is awarded with the same aim, so that the young students can collaborate, innovate, and communicate in an encouraging environment and develop themselves to cope up with the challenges in future.

This program is for masters as well as PhD degree in any discipline in Stanford University. This program covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other academic expenses during studies.

Tsinghua University – Schwarzman Scholarship

Schwarzman Scholarship program offers an opportunity for the world’s brilliant students to study in Tsinghua University, China, in order to develop their leadership skills.

This program is based on a one-year Masters’ degree in Tsinghua University. It covers boarding expenses, tuition and other academic expenses, a laptop, smartphone, medical insurance and personal stipend.

Leiden University – Excellence Scholarship

The Leiden University in Netherlands offers Leiden University Excellence Scholarship program to outstanding students from non-EU countries, who wish to pursue their Masters’ degree.

This program awards €10,000 as tuition fee, €15,000 as tuition fee, or total tuition fee depending on academic record of each student and the subject they choose to study in Leiden University.

Lund University – Global Scholarship

Lund University in Sweden offers global scholarship program to students who are from outside European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

This is a merit-based scholarship for Bachelors or Masters’ degrees at Lund University. This program covers 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% of tuition fees only based on student’s academic profile and the courses chosen to study.

Auckland University – ADB Scholarship

Asian development bank (ADB) aims to facilitates talented students from ADB’s member countries to pursue postgraduate studies. This program gives an opportunity to study in participating universities and institutions in Asian and Pacific Region.

University of Auckland in New Zealand is also a participating university in this program and it has postgraduate programs supported by this scholarship. It covers tuition fees, return air ticket, living expenses and medical insurance.

There are numerous scholarship programs and do an extensive research before applying for any. Consider country you want to study in, the university best courses and of course which field you want to study.

Your present academic record can make you eligible and you can qualify to the world’s best scholarship program in top ranked university globally. Therefore, work hard now to make your dream to study abroad come true. Good luck!

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