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Top Five Chapli Kabab Places in Mardan

You can not find the real taste of chapli kabab anywhere else than mardan. Here is the list of top five places for finding the best taste of chapli kabab.

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Top five places for Chapli Kababs in Mardan. You should never miss the chance to taste chapli kabab if you ever visit mardan. The delicious retreat can found anywhere found in pakistan but mardan is the only place to offer the real place for chapli kabab. Here are the top five must visit places for Chapli kababs.

Qasim Chapli kabab:

While entering the city of Mardan from Noshehra road, Qasim chapli kabab is just a few minutes away located at rashakai. Before entering the restaurant loosen your belts because you are going to eat a lot. The aroma will double your hunger. The place is not too luxurious to dine in but you cannot beat the organic taste of Qasim chapli kabab. Qasim chapli kabab offers both dine in and take away. According to Qasim he only use  wood fire to cook instead of natural gas to maintain his unique taste.

Qasim Chapli Kabab
Top 5 chapli kabab places in mardan


 Abdul Haq Chapli Kabab:

Abdul Haq chapli kabab located in the village of Mayar. The place got famous because of late Abdul Haq but the heritage of taste still continues to his sons. The restaurant has good place to dine in. Abudl Haq Chapli kababs are famous of spices and its mega size.

Abdul Haq

Top Five Chapli Kababs places in Mardan


Shankar Chapli Kabab:

Shankar chapli kabab offers only take away, located near  Katlang village. Shankar chapli kabab has unique recipe among others in Mardan. The price is a little high than the others. According to the owner the prices are high because he do not compromise on quality.

Shah Gul Chapli Kabab:

This place got famous recently for unique feature of kababs. Shah Gul father has the same restaurant but he was not so famous. Shah Gul made his own recipe. People liked the taste of it and slowly he secured his place among top chapli kababs restaurants in Mardan. The restaurant offer both dine in and take away. Place is fit for dine in.

Chapli Kabab

Shabaz Garhi Special Chapli kabab:

Stated place is not famous for a single restaurant having special chapli kababs, but there is a group of restaurants providing extraordinary chapli kababs. The restaurants Baba Karhy, Dada Karhy, Mama Karhy, Kaka Karhy offer both dine in and take away. The prices are cheaper than the others but the taste is not less.

The ingredients are quite simple for these chapli kabas but if you cook on your own you cannot have the same taste. Upon asking form the chefs they all describes the same main ingredients.

  • Chopped meat
  • Chopped onions
  • Tomatoes’
  • Eggs

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