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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Videography

Here is the list of best YouTube channels if you want to produce striking video content

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Video content creation is on the boom since two years.The whole paradigm of content creation is on the shift to visuals from text only.  For example only last year we have seen the “live” feature of Facebook gain popularity; which is still considered to remain on top trends for 2018 as well. Apps that are based on visuals only become viral. Giants like Facebook and Instagram introduced the same features based on the video into their platforms.  Many people turned to video creation and came up with their own channels but not every one produced good content. We have compiled a list of Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Videography. These channels will be beneficial for you if you want to produce striking video content.

1. Peter Mckinnon

Peter Mckinnon dropped his regular career to become a youtuber and make videos for a living. He had no idea of how to make a good video or to make money out of it. But he learned it by watching tutorials and took online courses. finally, he started with making Vlogs and then shifted his content into producing tutorials about Photography and cinematography. He gained popularity after a while and become viral within a year. Study his YouTube journey for becoming a YouTube and check out his videos to learn photography and cinematography.

Visit his youtube channel here:  Peter Mckinnon

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Videography
Peter Mckinnon

2. FilmRiot channel

Rian Cannoli is the host of FilmRiot channel. He is a professional filmmaker who hosts Film Riot. This channel is a mix of comedy incorporated into filmmaking tutorials. Film Riot has the right information for you if you want to learn professional cinematography.

Visit Film Riot youtube channel here: FillmRiot 

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Videography
Film Riot

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Videography

3. Justin Odisho

Justin Odisho channel stood third in our list of Top 5 YouTube Channels. He is an expert in creating Trending content. He has mastered tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. His content is the learning medium for millions of content creators around the world. Justin Odisho channel consists of Tutorials of these tools and tips and tricks for making good video content.

Check out his work by visiting this link: Justin Odisho

Justin odisho
Justin Odisho

4. Matti Haapoja

Matti Haapoja is a freelance director of photography. He has worked with renowned brands of the world like San Pellegrino, Nike,  Rhino, Epidemic Sound, and Visit Norway. Matti Haapoja is passionate about traveling and inspires people by sharing his story. He tells his story through cinematography and filmmaking.  Matti Haapoja started travel feels – his youtube channel in 2016. He used to share his travel videos on his channel but soon he realized that he needs to inspire the growing community of people who want to make inspiring videos too. Matti Haapoja then changed his youtube channel name from Travel feels to Matti Happoja. He started to make tutorials about filmmaking and videography.

Check out his work here: Matti Haapoja

Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja
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5. is hosted by Jordy Vandeput. is actually a commercial filmmaking company and it was founded by Jordy Vencdeput in 2014. Jordy Vandeput shares his experience of filmmaking in the form of tutorials on  His tutorials include Creative PREMIERE PRO Tutorials, CAMERA Tips, LIGHTING Techniques and CINEMATOGRAPHY lessons.

Check out the channel here:

Subscribe to each channel from the above list of Top 5 YouTube Channels as every one of them has a unique way of teaching but different things to learn. Explore videos on these channels and find the one that interests you the most. Above all take inspiration from them and learn from the personal journey of these guys if you are looking forward to becoming a full-time videographer or Youtuber.

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