Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in Hayatabad

Hayatabad has every kind of restaurant including desi Pakistani, Chinese, fast food etc.

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Hayatabad is a well-known modern suburb of Peshawar which people from upper and middle class usually prefer to live in. What makes it different from other living areas is its location, well-management and the availability of schools, colleges, parks, hospital, clinics and restaurants. Many people don’t know that it is named after Hayat Sherpao, former governor of KPK and a notable leader of Pakistan people’s party. Hayatabad not only has local pashtoon people, who are settled here from generations, but also people, belonging to different ethnic and cultural background, who are living here for a temporary time. That is why, Hayatabad has every kind of restaurant, from desi Pakistani restaurant to Chinese one, from fast food restaurants to cafes, meeting the food requirements of its residents. In this blog, I will be listing down some of the best fast food eateries in Hayatabad. All the fast food lovers out there need to visit these places at least once. Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in Hayatabad.

1. Downtown Bistro

Located in the sector G-3 of Hayatabad phase 2, Downtown Bistro is basically a take away fast food restaurant but also provide the facility of home delivery charging Rs. 25 for order below Rs. 500. This eatery is quite famous for its burgers, fries and pizza. Some of their best burgers include El Classico, Top Gun, Rooster Overload and Mighty Frisco. Among them, Mighty Frisco is the delicious one and will cost you only Rs. 395.

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in Hayatabad

2. Zooperz

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers best food deals then this place, situated in phase 6 of Hayatabad, must be your priority as it offers a variety of food deals in pizzas and burgers. Besides that, this place also serves the cheapest burgers in the town ranging from Rs160 to Rs250. The only expensive burger here is the mighty one which will cost you Rs395. No so expensive, I think.

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in Hayatabad

3. Dial A Bite

Located in phase 1 of Hayatabad, Dial A Bite is a place one needs to visit to enjoy the taste that is different, delicious and budget friendly. The ambiance here is very ordinary but the service is very fast and the quality is good. Their menu has everything from Pakistani food items to Chinese ones, from pizzas to burgers, from soups to salads. They also offer a variety of food deals in prices that suits the pockets of its customers.

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Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in Hayatabad

4. Red Hot Chilli

Red Hot Chilli is in sector N-2 of Hayatabad phase 4. It is a take away fast food restaurant but also provide home delivery service. Their food items include pulao, chicken wings, Kashmiri biryani, zinger burger, roasted chicken, chicken karahi, red hot chili dry, red hot beef burger, pizza, fries, shami kabab, chowmein, soups, lasagna, shawarma and many others.

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in Hayatabad

5. Chick N Fire

This fast food restaurant is in Yousafzai market of phase 3 Hayatabad. They have a very rich menu including soups rice, Chinese, chowmein, Italian, salads, pizzas, chicken tempura, hot wings, shawarma, roll paratha and desi Pakistani dishes such as chicken handi, chicken karahi and many others. The good thing about this restaurant is that it is extremely budget friendly as all their food items are between the range of 100-600. They also offer food deals which makes it the most inexpensive fast food eatery in Hayatabad.

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in Hayatabad

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