Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad

Islamabad too has some good desi nashta spots

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No doubt when it comes to pure desi nashta, Lahore has got unlimited restaurants. But now in Islamabad there are various places that services delicious desi nashta. Let’s start reading about the Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad in order to enjoy mouthwatering nashtas on weekends.

Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad

Cheema And Chattha Restaurant

I placed Cheema And Chattha Restaurant in the top of the list because I love their breakfast on weekends. This place got really amazing taste and variety of desi nashta items too. Whereas other than weekend you can also enjoy their nashta in week days too. You will find same taste and food items.
Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad
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Cheema And Chattha Restaurant has got wide variety of nashta items ranging from different omelets to channa achaar. You can also order namkeen and meethi lassi.

Khokha Khola

My next favourite spot for desi nashta in capital is “Khokha Khola.” Their prices are little bit high but trust me after tasting their food you will realize that the amount was totally worth it. Just look at Khokha Khola’s nashta platter, I am sure you will run to enjoy their nashta on coming weekend.


Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad
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Des Pardes

 Des Pardes is again little expensive place to have breakfast but still they got good food taste.
Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad
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Magina Market, I-8 Spot

In order to balance the cheap vs expensive desi nashta places in Islamabad; I am also sharing this Nagina market spot. They serve delicious halwa puri, channa chat, mixed tea etc. and that very affordable.
Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad
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Please don’t forget to drop your reviews if you have ever tried these places for breakfast or you can also share you experience after visiting these Top 4 Desi Nashta Places in Islamabad.

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