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Top 3 Travel Vloggers of Pakistan – Promoting Pakistan’s Tourism

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A lot of struggling travel bloggers and Vloggers are putting great efforts to showcase the beauty of Pakistan. They travel and create content on their own expenses and then upload it on their YouTube channels. The best part is that we accept or not but the influx of foreign travelers has witnessed a boom after watching the content of local travel vloggers. So, this time, we decided to share the list of Top 3 Travel Vloggers of Pakistan.

Top 3 Travel Vloggers of Pakistan – Promoting Pakistan’s Tourism

Nature has bestowed Pakistan with immense natural beauty. And with the efforts of these famous Top 3 Travel Vloggers of Pakistan, it is now easy for international community to watch the natural beauty of Pakistan. Let’s read about some of the amazing travel vloggers of Pakistan.


Mooroo by profession is what not. He is a filmaker, musician, vlogger and above all, an all-rounded unconventional entertainer whose name is a buzz on the social media.

Mooroo’s witty remarks incorporated in the art of creating drama and humor in his vlogs actually makes him more engaging.

Mooroo aka “Taimoor Salauddin” has a unique style of singing & a mix of personalities. His travel vlogs takes you in a time that are relatable yet more entertaining.

Check out his YouTube channel for inspiration: Mooroo


This lad is another extremely creative person when it comes to travel vloggs. With a solid technique & on spot editing style; Ukhano appeals to your aesthetics as he takes you across the natural beauty of Pakistan.

Ukhano has quiet a happening life on social media sharing cool stuff on his profiles Ukhano’s strongest forte lies in creating the original yet compelling content circling around the travel vlogging in and out of Pakistan.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here: Ukhano

Irfan Junejo

What started out as a regular 2-3 minute video now creates the most-watched vlogs in Pakistan. Meet another another amazing guy of travel vloggs.

Irfan Junejo is a dedicated vlogger who successfully impressed and inspired many new-bees just a few years. With a Youtube channel, his vloggs show moments and experiences that highlight his distinct talent as a vlogger. Recently, he announced in a very engaging video that he is going ti quit vlogging. But if he really does; then we are really going to miss him.

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