Top 11 Pakistani YouTubers and content creators You Must Follow in 2018

Vlogging is the New Black

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Scroll, scroll, scroll and hey this looks funny lets watch it. Yup, that is how we have all become especially on Facebook. Most of the Youtubers that now have their own channels and subscriptions started off from Facebook and gained fame on that platform. But one can’t deny the fact that some of those vloggers (as the term gains its popularity) are very funny and hit the right cords with their exaggerated funny small clips. From 2017, various new Pakistani YouTubers enter the video content competition as well. So here is the Top 11 Pakistani YouTubers and content creators You Must Follow in 2018.

Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo

This guy is dynamite in one person. He is a musician, comedian, actor and a filmmaker. His YouTube videos are usually seen with his happy, witty and funny anecdotes that leave the viewer with a smile on their face. The multi-talented individual focuses on creating an entertaining story that talks about sensitive issues but does not come across as a lecture. He is surely one entertainer you would like to view.

You can Subscribe Mooroo YT Channel here: Taimoor Salahuddin

Irfan Junejo

Take it from the man himself when he wrote in the Medium: My name is Irfan Junejo and I broke through the sedative of ordariness. I started out making Vlogs. Started from my room. Showed it to friends. Introduced Meeru. Introduced Babu and Zainab. No expensive equipment, just YouTube tutorials and an inextinguishable jazba. I learned how to appreciate the beauty in what you wouldn’t even cast a glance at. I learned how to capture that beauty in a video with cool music in the background. You made bigger biceps, I expanded my horizons.

You can Subscribe Irfan YT Channel here: Irfan Junejo

His ‘Junejo Guide to Naran’ and ‘Gwadar Rally’ is something beyond remarkable work. This man may not be well known among other names but is no less when it comes to creativity and laughter. This one is worth the watch.

Top 11 Pakistani YouTubers and content creators You Must Follow in 2018

Salma Jafri

An IBA graduate with an MBA, Salma Jafri is different from other mainstream vloggers. She is married with two children and so doesn’t really fall in the category of very young vloggers that we are used to of viewing. Her inspirational story comes from the fact that after having babies she wanted to become a stay home mum as well as look for opportunities that would let her channel her talent and help earn as well. Putting good use of her degree and passion she has successfully established content marketing firm that provides services such as blogging, social media marketing and online videos to her clients and small business across the globe. Taking her as an inspiration one seriously understands that if you have the will to do it you will find ways.

Subscribe her channel here: Salma Jafri

UKHANO aka Umer Khan

NCA graduate, Ukhano is not only the man we have come to love from his YouTube channel but also has worked behind camera in many fashion campaigns including Generation’s. He has found himself quite a fan following and posts some hilarious short films. This young man is to look out for.

Subscribe UKHANO here: UKHANO aka Umer Khan


Teeli is a media company that aims to produce videos for the younger generation of Pakistan. Their videos contain a number of characters from young to old, famous and amateurs all playing together to bring out the comic punch in their narrative. Teeli is a fun group of people to watch for entertainment.

Watch Teeli videos here: Teeli

Bekaar Films

Bekaar Films are famous for their innovative ideas and new videos. The gang shows us the funny, lighter and witty side of life with their brilliantly shot, clearly scripted and well-executed videos. They usually pick on the younger generation of Karachiites and the way most of them deal with issues concerning our everyday lives. Ghazanfar, who occupies the main lead gives adorable yet funny expressions letting you burst out in laughter while you look at him. This talented group of people is a popular among young ones.

Don’t miss Bekaar films video and do subscriber: Bekaar Films


One of the earliest vlogs to come in public, Mansaals is headed by Salman Parekh. In an interview with Emaho Magazine Parekh said that Mansaal is actually a modified Salman. Even though Mansaal took a break from vlogging, in recent years we see Parekh back in action and take up stand-up comedy as well. Because Mansaals have been the trend setters for vlogging in Pakistan, most of their conceptual content such as “Things desi parents do” or “things Pakistanis do” are taken up by other emerging and now established Youtubers and modified accordingly. Nonetheless, Mansaal’s place in YouTube channels cannot be replaced.

Watch Mansaals videos here: Mansaals

Junaid Akram

Famous for his pet phrase ‘Khalli karao’, Junaid got famous on social media after he posted a series of his videos commenting on various social issues in his own peculiar way. When asked in an interview what does his signature phrase means he said “It’s an Arabic word which means ‘rafa dafa karo’. In his videos he discusses issues the general public can relate to and make sense in the funniest way possible. A one brilliant and witty person who can bring laughter to your day.

Watch his video’s collection here: Junaid Akram

Our Vines

Talk of some specific ethnic vloggers, then here is Our Vines. A group of Pathan guys promote the pushtoon culture through their videos and the specific culture and trends the people of KPK have in general. Our Vines make their videos both in Pushtoo and Urdu and come up with some very funny content material. For the Pushtoons out there, Our Vines is a treat to watch.

Watch their video here: Our Vines

Danish Ali

Most of us our familiar with his name. A doctor by profession, Danish is jumbo pack of comedy and laughter. He’s funny, but he’s got boundaries. “I didn’t want to be the insult comic with the foul mouth, I chose to go down the family route instead” Danish said in an interview. Having a safe, clean comedic routine also makes it easy for Danish to associate himself with corporate events and brands. A definite vlogger to watch.

Danish Video can be seen here: Danish Ali

The Idiotz

Hailing from Karachi, The Idiotz is a group of guys that not only make normal day life hustles funny but their parody of Amir Liaqat Hussain has brought them much fame. Witty punch lines, perfect comic timing, subliminal messaging and great acting make their videos entertaining leaving an imprint on viewers’ minds. Cleverly done, these men make a great team.

Watch their videos here: The Idiotz

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