Top 10 Remote Work Tools to Stay Connected with your Team

List of amazing tools to help you with remote team management

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In this era most of the companies are now allowing their employees to work from remote locations according to their ease and working requirements. Above all, during the current unfortunate corona-virus situation, various companies are doing work from home. And we must agree that companies, coordinators and communication teams are paramount when it comes to managing their employees. Specially when they work in different countries where they have to manage time zone difference.

Advance cloud technology and screen-sharing web applications make it easier to work together with virtual teams of employees and get the same benefits as if they are sitting in the same area. Remote working software can be helpful to the people who are working remotely, regardless of the location. Some of the most and well-known tools for remote teams are outlined below. All of these tool offer free-trial for 14 or more days; so you an check them them before buying the paid versions.

So, let’s have a look at the Top 10 Remote Work Tools to Stay Connected with your Team:

1: Status Hero

Status Hero (Windows, Mac, web app) allows all team members to set their statuses like “available,” “busy,” “away” and “unavailable”. If it is not use by the team members, they will interrupt each others, workflow will be effect and notifications will constantly popping up at inconvenient moments.

Top 10 Remote Work Tools to Stay Connected with your Team

When every employee in group knows what each other is doing work, there will be no more interruptions as important tasks are being completed. Experts say it takes usually an average of 23 minutes and fifteen seconds to recover from a distraction.

2: Slack

This tool offers real-time messaging between all team members, regardless of time zone. Slack tool works perfectly for remote teams that need to have an open line of contact at all times and comes with neat features like:

  • Different channels are available so that teams can divide into groups and keep conversations in an organized manner.
  • It makes team member able to share files with one another.
  • It is a third-party app integrations
  • Archived messages can easily view with search feature
  • Voice and video calls is also an attractive attribute.

3: Zoom

This tool can help remote working team in video conferencing and communication.

Zoom app has been designed for the persons who work in a remote teams, virtual businesses conferences, webinars and for other corporate purposes. This tool has been specially designed for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web. Main key features of this app are Video meetings, Voice calls, host webinars, Messaging and File sharing.

3: Airtable

This is a flexible database tool which is used for project management. It is an important part of database and spreadsheet.

Employees can manage their task with the help of this tool in a way that works best for them. They can blocks and allow other users to create a palette of app-like functionality, that can be mixed and matched to manage  their workflow for projects.

4: Toggl

This tool is a time tracking app that runs in the settings on background while users can work easily on their assign tasks. Toggl is usually used for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox. This app data visualizations help to the organization members to compare profits against time spent on tasks and labor costs and they can see which projects and clients are most profitable.

5: Dropbox

Dropbox is a well-known tool for file sharing and data storage. It is a up to date workspace where team members of a group can bring all their files together in one place.

Team can easily do their work remotely and can save time tracking down work, collaborate on designs, presentations, and any other file type.

6: Highfive

Highfive is a video conferencing application that is used by well-known brands such as the Rolling Stone & Harry’s. Officers and their team members no need to use pins. They just need to click on their meeting and they can start participating.

7: Google Drive

Google drive tool allow to the management that they can decide who can see what items and what access level they should have, or even they can share items directly via a link. This tool not only keeps private data safe but also simplifies the view for all team members.

8: Realtime Board

This tool is a cross-functional whiteboard podium for visual team collaboration. Realtime Board motto is “collaborate as a dream team“. Major companies that have designers, developers, managers, coaches and other professional team workers who speak different languages and are located in different areas with a time zones difference, can work together to complete errands and projects that are central to the business’ success.

9: Proof Hub

it is a platform as an all-in-one development management software tool that make it easy to:

  • Generate tasks and project plans.
  • Prearranged ability to start work.
  • It helps in collaboration among clients and team members

Key features of Proof hub:

  • Proofing
  • Task running
  • White-labeling
  • Assigning custom roles
  • Generating information
  • Files management
  • Time tracking
  • Calendar

So by using above mentioned tools, now it is very easy to work with your remote team that is in any area or anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to choose the right one according to your company’s requirements and nature of work.


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