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Tips For a Healthy Heart

Its Good To Be Over Protective For Your Heart

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Tips For a Healthy Heart.  The heart is one of the core organs of human body. A heart should be in its perfect condition of a healthy life. We should not take any risks that could cause any abnormality to this strong muscular pumping organ. Here are some tips to keep our heart healthy.

Quit Smoking

It is excellent if you are a smoke-free person. But if you smoke, quit it immediately because it is the single best thing you can ever do to your heart’s health. Coronary heart disease is the mainly caused by smoking. Research shows that if you give up on smoking for a year your chances of heart attack falls half of that a regular smoker.

Watch out for your weight

Always keep a check on your body weight. Make it your regular routine as it only takes five minutes to check. Compare your weight by BMI method to your height. If you are overweight immediately create a diet plan for weight loss and stick to it till your weight drops to normal. Being overweight increases the chances of a heart attack. Stick to a healthy balanced diet low in fat and sugar. Include vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Tips For a Healthy Heart

Include Omega-3 in your diet

Omega-3 helps you protect your heart from diseases. Rich source of Omega-3 lies in salmon fish. Every human should take fish twice a week. Kids can have more than twice a week it is good for them. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should watch out and should not take more than two portions of oily fish in a week.

Be Aware of what are you buying

While shopping food items first take a look at its ingredients and amount of calories it has. Do not buy anything blindly. Keep an eye the amount of sugar fiber in it. Understanding what is in the food and how it fits into your diet will provide a healthier choice for you.

Have Regular Exercise

Getting physically active plays a key role in your health. If you are not physically active yet do not worry it is not too late to start and get the benefits of it. Include exercise of any kind in your daily routine to stay fit. You can start from a simple walk. It is also very important to sit less during your all day and break the time of your sitting.

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