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Tennis Elbow Treatment and Care

Tennis elbow is also termed as Archer's elbow or Shooter's elbow

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In this blog you will be able to read “Tennis Elbow Treatment and Care.” Tennis elbow is also termed as Archer’s elbow or Shooter’s elbow. It is lateral epicondylitis, which affects the outer portion of the elbow. It makes your elbow painful, sore, and tender.

This condition is commonly seen in tennis players. Other than the tennis players, tennis elbow is common in painters, plumbers, butchers, and carpenters. The disorder occurs due to the over usage of forearm muscles. It occurs due to the improper grip of objects. The tennis elbow pain occurs in areas where the tendons of the forearm muscles offer attachment to the outer surface of the elbows. 


The tennis elbow symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe. The laser treatment sessions for tennis elbow in Pakistan varies from person to person depending on the symptoms. The common symptoms with tennis elbow include:

  • Radiating pain to wrists and forearm
  • Pain on turning the doorknob
  • Finding it challenging to hold mugs
  • Weakness and pain on shaking hands


The leading cause of tennis elbow is the repetitive use of arms and wrist. It occurs due to muscle strain injury. The repeated contractions of your forearm muscles lead to tennis elbow.

The repeated stress and motions over the tissues of the forearms lead to tiny tears within the surrounding tendons. The repeated backhand stroke and improper technique during tennis or other occupations cause tennis elbow. Other common occupations leading to tennis elbow include: 

  1.     Plumbing
  2.     Screw driving 
  3.     Painting
  4.     Cutting during cooking
  5.     Typing
  6.     Over-usage of the mouse during repeated computer use

Other risk factors influencing to tennis elbow include:

  •       Your age between 30-50 years 
  •       Your occupation where you have to perform wrist and arm movement repeatedly
  •       Sports activities like tennis, badminton, squash with an imperfect stroke


Tennis elbow treatment in Islamabad/ Lahore/ Peshawar/ Karachi now includes the latest Bioflex laser technology. It is the most effective and safe therapeutic option, which poses no adverse effects over the body. There are no surgical cuts in this procedure. It is a non-toxic and non-invasive procedure that is available in major cities of Pakistan.

Before the laser therapy is advised, the healthcare professionals perform physical examination over the affected area. To confirm the diagnosis, X-rays and other imaging tests are also prescribed, after which laser therapy is started.

Bioflex laser therapy enhances the recovery process of the condition. It enhances angiogenesis, causes improvement of lymphatic drainage. It further increases the release of endorphins and serotonin to relieve pain.

The laser therapy leads to improvement in the condition and enhances cellular activity. It helps in repairing the state and increases the strength of the tendons surrounding the painful elbow. Call now at 0800-52737 and book your appointment.

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