Why You Should Not Miss TedxIslamabad 2018

TedxIslamabad offers great opportunities for networking & listening to success stories

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TEDxIslamabad is a TED-licensed TEDx event curated by none other than Saad Hamid – the digital evangelist. It is organized every year in the month of June and this time it will be the 3rd TEDx going to be held in Islamabad. If we say that TEDx let you help to see the world in a whole new way then it would not be wrong. Let us prove it to you.

Every year, TEDxIslamabad exposes its list of brilliant speakers one by one on its official Facebook page; which for sure increases more the curiosity of attendees. All of its speakers are not ordinary people, they have struggled day and night in order to achieve unlimited milestones and finally become success stories.

In this blog, we are going to share the list of such amazing people whose stories at TEDx will make us more strong and give us courage to achieve our goals in life.

We are telling you, TEDxIslamabad is going to be more different this year

Momina Mustehsan is active in humanitarian work and has been named in various international platforms like BBC’s 100 most influential women, Forbes “30 Under 30” etc. 

TedxIslamabad 2018

Shaheer Niazi would be the youngest speaker at TEDxIslamabad this year. At the age of only 16, Shaheer has successfully participated in  the International Young Physicists Tournament, introducing Pakistan to this prestigious event for the first time. 

TedxIslamabad 2018

Nabeel Qadeer is the man behind entrepreneurship promotion and support and hence has played a key role in establishing the startup ecosystem in Pakistan. He has played very fundamental role while serving his duties in Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB). His list of achievement and efforts are unlimited to describe here; so if you are running a startup, thinking to launch one or somehow your startup failed to establish then Nabeel is the guy you must meet at TEDxIslamabad. 

TedxIslamabad 2018

Zia Chisti is the Chairman of the Board, and CEO of Afiniti. Prior to founding Afiniti, Zia was the founding Chairman and CEO of Align Technology, a medical device technology company that he led from startup to over a $1 billion valuation on the NASDAQ.

At TEDxIslamabad, you will be able to listen that how Zia mange to come up with the idea of Afiniti. Don’t miss the chance !! 

TedxIslamabad 2018

Why all serious talks at TEDxIslamabad? But not this time; its going to be something different

You will get a change to meet Faheem Azam who employs comedy in almost everything that he does or says. More interestingly he educates people through various forms of entertainment and academia. He is the writer, actor, director at TEELI –  the famous YouTube channel that makes people realize various things in life with his hilarious amalgam.

We are telling you, TEDxIslamabad is going to be more different this year.

TedxIslamabad 2018

Asra Nadeem is the first female Pakistani venture capitalist. I met her for the first time in Digital Youth Summit 2018 and got a chance to listen to her. She is an amazing personality with huge list of achievements.

TedxIslamabad 2018

No doubt, TEDxIslamabad always amazes us with its list of speakers

You will meet Asad J. Malik who tells stories using holograms, Isn’t it quote interesting. Asad is a Pakistani immersive artist and founder of 1RIC working exclusively with Augmented Reality as a medium for nonfiction storytelling. 

TedxIslamabad 2018

Shameem Akhtar is a dedicated development enthusiastic professional, with special interest in the field of Gender, Education, Social Mobilization, Emergency / Relief, Management and Literature. 

TedxIslamabad 2018

Shazia Batool hails for Balochistan and a very brave lady. She became paralyzed by polio at the age of 3 but her disability couldn’t stopped the artist inside her and later on she went to receive a Master’s in Fine Arts. Her story would definitely leave you goosebumps.

TedxIslamabad 2018

This was a brief introduction of all speakers of TEDxIslamabad. After listening to these amazing people you will come to know that nothing is easily achievable in life. In order to get successful we have to leave no stone un-turned.

Don’t miss TEDxIslamabad 2018 the mega learning opportunity where you will get to know the stories of achievers.

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