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Tea Spots in Islamabad to Enjoy Good Food & Company at the Same Time

Experience best tea in these spots in Islamabad & enjoy this winter even more!

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Winters are best specially in Islamabad. Although it is damn cold but the residents of capital still loves to enjoy it along tasty food and outdoor sittings. This is the reason that the trend of small restaurants and tea dhabas are only common in Islamabad than any other city of Pakistan. So, we decided to come up with fresh list of food spots to add more value to your enjoyment during this winter. Our list of Tea Spots in Islamabad will cover following names.

Tea Spots in Islamabad to Enjoy Good Food & Company at the Same Time

1: Chikachino – F-7 Markaz

Chickachino was opened last year but interestingly become the favorite spot of teens right after its launch. The place is famous for its different kinds of tea, platters, chat and pakory obviously. One of the best thing of this spot is it’s location i.e. in front of F-7 flower market. Every Saturday the restaurant organized music night which adds more flavor to the enjoyment of foodies in Islamabad.

Recently, we have heard the news of Chikachino management fight and that they have decided to part ways. As a result of this decision now we having two branches of the restaurant in Islamabad i.e. One in Bahria Phase – 4 and another in F-7 markaz near Hill View hotel (recently launched).

2: Nukar پ Tukar

This winter, we have Nukar پ Tukar in Islamabad too. A really pleasant place and having great food as well. We bet you won’t regret to visit it and enjoy their parathas with tea.

Nukar پ Tukar

3: Jungle Hut – Margalla Hills

While counting the top 3 tea spots in Islamabad, how can we miss the Jungle Hut? Obviously not. One of the best, affordable and pioneer tea spot in Islamabad is Jungle Hut.

When it’s raining in town, everyone loves to drive to Margalla Hills and on their way back they can’t resist to enjoy Jungle Hut tea and pakory/samosy.

Other than the above mentioned places, almost every sector and including blue area has “Quetta Tea” now. The chain, owned by different people, is no doubt serving great tea in Islamabad.

We hope you have great experience in all of the above tea spots in Islamabad and enjoy this winter even more!

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