Swat Travel Guide 2018 – Routes, Hotels & Weather Details

Time to explore "Swat Valley"

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The valley of Swat is located in the middle of the Hindukush mountain range. The beautiful valley of Swat is full of spectacular scenic beauty. It is also known as Switzerland of Pakistan. Swat is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in the northern valleys of Pakistan. Along with its lush green meadows high mountains and clear lakes there are also many archaeological sites. This blog aims to share Swat Travel Guide 2018 for all travelers who are about to explore this beautiful valley soon.

Location and Distance from Islamabad

The distance from Islamabad to Mingora/Saidu Sharif is 247Km and it takes around 5 to 6 hours. This route remains open for all kinds of traffic throughout the year. There is also an airport in Mingora and regular flights are available from Islamabad.

Swat Travel Guide 2018 – Routes, Hotels & Weather Details

Temperature/ Best Time to Visit

The main tourist season for Swat begins in spring and lasts till autumn. April to May is the best time to visit Swat, when the fresh green grass carpet covers the slopes. For hikking and visiting USHU Forest and Mahodand Lake, you must go in peak summers, the best time to travel starts from mid of July to mid of September. Distance and travel time is given below.

                               Distance (km)

Drive/Travel Time

Islamabad to Mingora 247km 6 Hours
Mingora to Malam Jabba 30km 1.5 Hours
Mingora to Behrain 62km 1.5 Hours
Mingora to Miandam 50km 1.5 Hours
Bahrain to Kalam 38km 3 Hours
Kalam to Ushu 2km 1.5 Hours
Kalam to Mohodand Lake 33km 5 Hours (Driving + Hiking)

Road Conditions

Sawat is connected to Islamabad through a fully carpeted road  via Mardan Motorway (M-1) through which you can reach Mardan in one and half hours after covering a distance of 131 km. From Mardan onward road conditions is very good upto Bahrain, but onwards from Bahrain to Kalam road is bumpy.

Hotels and Places to Stay – Swat Travel Guide 2018

  • Swat Serena Hotel
  • Pameer Hotel
  • Swat view Hotel
  • Rockcity Resort
  • Hotel Hills City
  • Burj Al Swat Hotel

Fun Activities to do in Swat Valley

  • Trekking
  • Fishing
  • Pony rides
  • Skiing in Ski Resort Malam Jabba

Places to Visit in Swat Valley – Swat Travel Guide 2018

Mahodand Lake

Mahodand lake is in the North of Kalam  12 km away from Ushu. It is famous among nature and peace lovers and trout fish hunters. ‘Mahodand’ means ‘Lake of fishes’.Horse riding, boating, fishing, kayaking into one of the wanderlust of Swat valley, tourists from all around the world set their journey to explore Mahodand lake. The banks of Mahodand lake are covered by pines and pastures that serve as a camping site during the summer.

Swat Travel Guide 2018
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This place is located about 13km from the capital city of Saidu Sharif. Marghazar is famous for white palace. Meaning of the word Margazar is “green land.” This area is surrounded by green valleys, water springs and mountains. From here one can view mountain Koh-e-Alam, which has a height of 10,000 feet. It is an ideal place for a morning walk. Marghazar has a 200-year-old colossal chinar tree, which serves as a canopy for visitors.

Swat Travel Guide 2018
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Malam Jabba

40 kilometers from Saidu Sharif up along hillside chairlift, skiing resort and pine trees are famous attraction in Malam Jabba. In winters KPK tourism offers annual Skiing competition.

Swat Travel Guide 2018
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Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is one of the picturesque valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and a pleasant spot for tourists. There are many places that you must visit during your stay. Some of them are Panjkora River, Do Kala chashma, Badagoi Pass, Bara Dand lake, Kalkot, Katora lake, Dojanga.

Swat Travel Guide 2018
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The valley of thick forest, moderate temperature, white streams and snow glaciers is about 95 kilometers from Mingora City. Kalakot, Qandeel, Damlai, Madyan, Trout fish point are key attraction for visitors. Ushu and Utrot rivers join at Kalam valley and form the Swat River.

Swat Travel Guide 2018


Bahrain lies at a distance of seven miles from Madyan. Meaning of Bahrain is “two waters”. Because it is situated at the confluence of Daral and Swat rivers. Because of two rivers the atmosphere of Bahrain is always pleasant.

Swat Travel Guide 2018

There are many other visitor attractions including Takht I Bahi, Mingora, Bazira, Ushu Forest, Mighty 22 falls, Barikot, Udegram, Utrot and Gabral ,Fizagat, Butkara Stupa khawazakhela, Miandam.

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