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Stress Fracture Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

Stress fractures are commonly seen in lower leg or feet, which are considered as the weight-bearing bones.

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But before knowing more details regarding the Stress Fracture Treatment and its symptoms, we will talk about stress fractures causes and what it is.

Stress fractures, also known as tiny cracks, are present within the bone. These stress fractures occur due to repetitive force or over usage like repeated jumping, running for long distances, or other physical activities. Stress fractures can also develop in people who are suffering from osteoporosis, where the bones are weak and fragile.

Stress fractures are commonly seen in lower leg or feet, which are considered as the weight-bearing bones of our body. Any of us experiences stress fractures, but it is more common in athletes or military recruits who are ordered to carry heavy weights during their training. 

Stress fracture treatment is now available in Pakistan at BioFlex laser therapy. It is a fantastic low-intensity laser therapy, which is a cold-laser technology.

Stress Fracture Treatment, Causes and Symptoms Know More about Stress Fracture Treatment, Causes and Symptoms:

During the early stage of the stress fracture, the pain is not felt, but with passing time, the patient experiences extreme pain. Other than the pain, the patient experiences tenderness beginning at one point and reducing after rest. Swelling and inflammation is another symptom associated with stress fractures.

Stress Fracture Causes:

The common causes of stress fractures include:

  • High-intensity activities
  • Increasing the duration of the physical activity
  • Certain sports activities like tennis, dance, basketball, track, and field or gymnastics
  • Women with irregular or missed menstrual cycles
  • People with weak bones due to osteoporosis
  • People with high/ rigid arches or flat feet
  • People who have undergone past stress fractures
  • People who are malnourished or who suffer from eating disorders
  • Individuals who lack calcium and vitamin D

When the body undergoes high-intensity overload, it leads to remodeling, which is a process through which the renovation speeds up, leading to increased bone deposition. During the remodeling process, there is deposition as well as resorption of the bony tissue. The bone which is subjected to such massive forces without ample recovery time leads to more resorption of cells. It then makes your bone susceptible to undergo stress fractures.

Stress Fracture Treatment in Pakistan:

The stress fracture treatment in Pakistan is now exclusively available by Bioflex laser technology. In the first session, the condition is diagnosed through medical history, physical examination, and imaging tests like bone scans, X-rays, and MRI, after which the treatment is initiated.

Bioflex Pakistan is the revolutionary technology. It is a low-intensity laser therapy, which is a cold laser therapy utilized by healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and many others worldwide. You must be wondering why to choose Bioflex Pakistan? It is a non-invasive, safe, highly effective, and non-toxic laser technology that poses no severe adverse effects over the body when compared to the conventional treatment protocol.

The customized laser techniques help in getting you back on track within no time. It is an easy two-step procedure where super luminous diodes are used for delivering infrared light over the affected tissues. The use of red laser probes effectively helps in completing the therapeutic process within a few minutes.

It would be best if you visited the clinic for a few laser sessions to completely get rid of the pain. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself treated with the pain-free technology in a home-friendly environment by the dedicated professionals at Bioflex Pakistan.

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