How Facebook can Help you to Successfully Establish a Startup in 2018

Here were a few ideas to help you use Facebook at its maximum potential

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Most of us are on social media apps and if we are not addicted to a few of them we are definitely in routine to use Facebook almost every other hour of our day. My cellphone was creating issues and was unable to use it for a few days. It was during those days that I realized that we have become so used to of using there different social apps that now most of the time we are even aware of it. We just grab our phone and start scrolling on one of our favorite apps. How Facebook can Help you to Successfully Establish a Startup in 2018.

Although, this unconscious habit that we have developed over time has its own repercussions, but it also got me thinking that these apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. And if put to good use, one can always benefit from these apps too. So here are a few ways in which Facebook can help you with a startup.

How Facebook can Help you to Successfully Establish a Startup in 2018


Facebook ads give businesses the ability to target users for better results. Facebook’s advStartup in 2018advertising customers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, France, and recently Japan can access the vendor’s integrated social media tool to optimize advertising campaigns. Through the network’s Power Editor tool, Ads AP, and Ads Manager, businesses can identify trends and behaviors across user groups. Your competitors likely use Facebook Ads. Around three million businesses use Facebook advertising on a regular basis to enhance visibility, nurture prospects and convert leads. Chances are good your competitors use the platform. If you do not engage via Facebook advertising, you may lose valuable customers. Even though paid advertising is quite inexpensive, as compared to other advertising channels and platforms in the market. It can help you get a number of potential leads, and most importantly attention among your target customers.

Video Trending

Videos are undeniably the hottest trend of present times. The first thing that you most often come across on the social media platform is videos. To understand why people prefer videos more than anything else, ask yourself if you were given a long paragraph to read and a video, what would you choose? Videos are always more engaging than written content. If you want your message to be heard, one of the best ways is to go LIVE on Facebook. The live feature from Facebook instantly provides a free pass to the business and enables them by reaching in front of the queue to speak directly to the customer.

Engage your Target Audience

Another way that startups are shaping their strategies on Facebook is through their own customers. It’s always a great idea for customers to interact with your business so that you get some buzz in the market. You can ask your happy customers to create content for you. This tactic will help rush the engagement and accelerate more attention towards your business page.

DiscussStartup in 2018

Facebook allows you to start a discussion to engage people and leave them with something to talk about your brand. There are some ways that you can initiate discussions, such as polls, quizzes, reviews, etc. Through these tactics, Facebook can help your startup get your customer’s attention and understand their personas for forming better marketing strategies.

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