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Social Media Marketing Challenges 2018

A successful social media campaign must overcome many challenges

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Social Media Marketing Challenges 2018. Social Media is creating great hype in recent years. As it gains interest and many companies seem to indulge in making profits through this field. As much as 2018 is an exciting time for those working in social media. We also know, social media marketing doesn’t come without its challenges. While it’s true that it can be easier to reach your audience, the sheer amount of competition on social media means that it’s actually a lot harder to see a valuable return than you might realize. There are various challenges to overcome if you want to build a successful social media campaign and ultimately make your brand’s social presence. Here are just few of the challenges a social media marketer faces these days.

Social Media Marketing Challenges 2018

Social Media Marketing Challenges 2018

Attracting Followers

This is obviously step one, and it’s way harder than people realize. People will only follow a page if it has some good content to offer them. That means if you want to build a good following, you have to be putting out good quality stuff all of the time. Luckily, you can use services that will help you find followers, but be very careful. The Crowdfire review for example is the kind of thing you should be looking for. The software will streamline your page and find relevant followers who may have an interest in your company.

It’s not only about likes in social media marketing – Fake likes doesn’t count

However, there are a lot of so called click farms out there who will just use fake accounts to follow you. This might make you look like you’re doing well because it’ll give you a lot of followers but in reality, none of them are real people who might actually consider buying products from you so you’re just wasting your money.

Video Trending

You already know the importance of video in your social strategy, but there is one common mistake many marketers seem to repeat – making video just for the sake of having video. Many marketers overthink their video content and end up wasting time producing something that falls flat with their audience. Video is still one of the biggest social media challenges, though there are many simple yet effective solutions.

Keep it simple yet captivating. Remember to grab emotion with your video content and make the messaging relevant to your audience’s problem and how you can solve it. Brainstorm a few scenarios where you can go live on Facebook to showcase your culture (which is also great evergreen content). Encourage your employees to share your posts on their personal socials and share on-the-job photos when applicable.

Social Media Marketing Challenges 2018 –  Right Time to Resolve these Challenges

Declining Organic Reach

Gone are the days where your post is easily seen by your desired audience (well, without paying for ad space). Brands are constantly fighting for attention in the news feeds of their audiences, and social platform algorithms are prioritizing things in such a way that makes the code difficult to crack. The bottom line is that you need to focus on long-term strategy over short-term tactics to get in front of your target demographic.

Social media marketing is not only about posting

Be strategic with the content you are posting and pay attention to when your audience is online. Refer to your analytics to see which type of contest does best, and then capitalize on it. Remember, video, behind-the-scenes photos, and testimonials are great organic content for most industries.

Social Media Marketing Challenges 2018 –  Role of both Client & Marketer is Equally Important

Time Matters

Being able to update social media all the time is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, it means that you can constantly push your products and have a good dialogue with your customers. However, it also means that it can easily eat up all of your time if you aren’t careful. Spending all of your time on social media and neglecting other areas of your marketing strategy will seriously damage your attempts to create a good cross platform marketing push, which is vital if you want to spread brand awareness.

Negligence Social Media Marketing Strategy

Another major challenge for the marketer is that brands don’t understand the significance of social media strategy. Without an effective marketing strategy, we cannot ensure the ROIs. Even the marketer will work in haphazard and directionless way and no KPIs will be meet.

Client & Digital Marketer Relation

In a nut shell, the relationship of a client and marketer is significantly important. Somehow the client has to give the privilege of boss to the marketer because he/she knows better how to come up with creative social media campaigns for the brand. Everybody is equally creative but the social media marketer is the expert. So the marketer must be given freedom and choice to share his artistic vision first. Whereas, later the client can also share his concerns.

[toggle title=”Note” state=”open”]The article has been written on the basis of personal experiences with clients while working as Social Media Marketer/Consultant for various brands.[/toggle]

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