Social Media in Government: Benefits & Scope

Governments can reap multiple benefits from social media

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No one can doubt the impact of social media in our lives. Consciously, unconsciously we have become so addicted to using social media that most of our time is spent checking different apps for updates on news and entertainment.

The power social media holds is far greater than print media now as many youngsters as well as people of certain age prefer social activity over reading activity. Social media impacts our thoughts and perspectives to a great extent that even we even aren’t aware of it which is why social media has become a tool that is used by many to generate narratives that can both bring good change or take an extreme turn depending on the use of social media tool.

Keeping all these benefits of social media, currently Social Media in Government is playing very significant role internationally. The use of social media in US Elections 2016 is one recent example. A part from this, developed countries like US, UK, European states etc. are using social media in different departments to ensure public transparency and build citizen-centric policies for the betterment of public.

Similarly, the Government of Pakistan has also witnessed various effective usage of social media in recent years. The most trending example of it these days is the elections 2018 and the discussions related to it. Open Facebook and all you get to see is why one party is better than the other, or how one person belonging to a certain political background should be given preference than the many others.

Social Media in Government: Benefits & Scope

Another thing that we have seen is that through social media presence nothing can remain under the curtains for long. Though every story has three sides- yours, theirs and the truth, everything eventually comes in light within social media. This is also the reason that people are becoming aware of the many flaws that lie within our society and within our system that are of concern and need to be addressed.

For this reason, if put to good use social media can become an excellent tool to be used by the government in order to establish its image in the way they want to portray themselves to the people and around the world, and to promote the different schemes, policies and initiatives that the government wishes to take.

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The fact that it is not solely the government’s responsibility to bring change within an existing system that would provide benefit to its people, but that we, the people of Pakistan need to share in the burden as responsible citizens in trying to bring effectiveness to the goodwill policies brought in by the formulated governing body.

Social Media in Government is the New Trend Internationally

Through social media, the government can launch pages across different apps such as Facebook (because it is one of the most used social platform among people) that is run by officials within the media cells of the government, the government officials can become a part of the general citizens.

This can become beneficial as many people, although love to criticize because it is easier to comment point out flaws than to take action and make a difference, there are many others who voice their opinion and criticize for the purpose of constructive changes. Through social media, the government can reach out to the masses because this is the age of technology.

And though it is sad that most of us have left our reading habits and watching television shows that bring more comprehensive knowledge in comparison to social media, but nonetheless social media’s power and impact cannot be denied. The key lies in how we use it!

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