Social Listening Tool Zanroo Launches in Pakistan

Zanroo provides sentiment analysis to brands

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Zanroo, the most popular social listening platform, is going to be launched in Pakistan today. The launch of this product is made possible by leading digital marketing agency of Pakistan “Bramerz.” 

As per Bramerz’s partnership with Zanroo, only Bramerz will be providing license for the product in Pakistan.

Zanroo is an international platform launched in back 2013 and providing sentimental analysis to various brands. It actually monitors users conversation on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, newspapers and even blogs and informs brands that what people are talking about them. In this way, brands get an idea about their products and services and overall market reputation.

Social Listening Tool Zanroo will also provide insights in Urdu & Roman languages

The most interesting thing about “Zanroo” is that it will provide insights not only in English but also in Roman and Urdu languages. Now brands in Pakistan will be able to get insights and sentiment analysis in local languages as well. Hence, this feature makes “Zanroo” the only tool that extracts data in local language too.

Speaking about Zanroo, Badar Khushnood, the VP of Growth at Bramerz, said that:

“There are a number of tools in the market but there’s always missing a particular feature so you end up using multiple. Zanroo has none of those limitations.”

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Soon huge brands and companies Pakistan will start reaping benefits of “Social Listening Tool Zanroo” for their growth.


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