Snapchat Removes its Controversial Redesign in Latest Update

Snapchat brings back its popular reverse chronological order for Stories

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After much criticism and negative feed back from App lovers, Snapchat Removes its Controversial Redesign in Latest Update. The App has finally brought back its earlier famous feature ‘reverse chronological order of stories’ which allow users to see most recent stories first.

Snapchat Removes its Controversial Redesign in Latest Update

This will replace the recently introduced feature ‘algorithmically sorted feeds’ as the Snapchat users were not happy with it. After the major redesign, a lot of criticism was going on the web and users didn’t welcome the new change. In order to make the loyal fan follower, Snapchat team has finally decided to revert back to the old ‘reverse chronological order of stories’ feature.

The leading tech blog portal, TechCrunch reported on yesterday that:

“The new update is letting users see stories in reverse chronological order in both of the new the designs; the one where there are just stories and tabs, as well as the other where there are separate stories and chat tabs.” 

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Snapchat Brings Back its Most Popular Reverse Chronological Order Feature for Stories

The main problem with ‘reverse chronological order of stories’ was that its algorithm has helped other social media platforms like Facebook owned Instagram and Twitter as well. For example, both Twitter and Instagram has implemented this sorting method of stories. Also Instagram has kept touting Snapchat that it has surpass the inventor of this idea. In other words, Snapchat has given idea to other social platforms and their (Instagram) number of active users witnessed boom in Q, 2017.

May be reverting back can help Snapchat to regain its users and ultimately grow its subscriber’s base. But overall, keeping in view the likeness of its loyal users, Snapchat team has taken a wise decision.

Source: The Economic Times


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