Smartphone Giant HTC to launch Blockchain Based Mobile Phones

HTC is incorporating blockchain features into its next smartphone to facilitate Crypto Traders

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Smartphone Giant HTC to launch Blockchain Based Mobile Phones. The adoption of blockchain is extending its reach and getting into more domestic areas of use. When we call it domestic then there is nothing more domestic than the smartphones. As we know more than half of the world’s population owns smartphones. HTC is a smartphone-giant and it has seen the opportunity to exploit the overwhelming users of mobile phones by incorporating blockchain-supported features into their next smartphone.

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The name of the smartphone is Exodus

Exodus is the next generation Android phone which is powered by blockchain technology. The Next Web has reported that the phone will feature a universal crypto wallet along with a secure inbuilt hardware enclave to facilitate the crypto traders.

Earlier in 2015, the company in a joint venture with Valve Corporation created VR headsets which are generating sufficient revenue under the supervision of Phil Chen. HTC has appointed him as a head for exodus program which is an encouraging news oweing to his previous success.

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Smartphone Giant HTC to launch Blockchain Based Mobile Phones

Smartphone Giant HTC to launch Blockchain Based Mobile Phones
Smartphones will be facilitating crypto traders

Exodus will support all the crypto Trading activities

Mr. Chen while speaking to TNW told that the preparations are in a top gear to introducing this unique phone. He further explained the features of exodus by saying that the smartphone will facilitate the traders to carry out all the crypto trading activities required at the exchanges. Exodus will also support the Bitcoin Protocol, Dfinity.

He said: “Through Exodus, we are excited to be supporting underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum, Dfinity and more. we would like to support the entire blockchain ecosystem, and in the next few months we’ll be announcing more exciting partnerships together”

Siin Lab describes the features of Exodus

Siin lab is the top contact-electronics manufacture which is also collaborating with HTC to accomplish this mission. They are almost near to completion of the mission. According the Sirin Lab officials, the smartphone’s price will be around $1000 and it will feature Android 8.1 OS which will be compatible to running decentralized apps.

Huawei has also shown intent to develop blockchain based smartphones

HTC is not alone in this race. China’s biggest smartphone manufacturing company Huawei has also hinted to launch a smartphone which will be facilitating crypto traders. The details are not out yet.  But it is most likely to be a blockchain-based phone with having multiple features to facilitate crypto traders. however, an inside source has revealed that a Bitcoin wallet will be available to the users of latest Huawei smartphones.

What the critics say about blockchain based smartphones

There are always two sides of a story and same is the case with Exodus. The critics say that there is no need to manufacture such smartphones. They say all the options are available on normal smartphones. They are of the view that all the required functions are already being utilized by the smartphone users. However, it is encouraging to see that blockchain technology is extending its reach to facilitate crypto traders.



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