This Small Ring Combines All Wearable Tech in One Piece

The ring could replace almost all of your wearable tech

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With each passing day technology has never stopped to amazed us. From the smartphones, smartwatches, Artificial Intelligence to even other tech gadgets; every new device/technology is more than a surprise for us. Also we have heard about a lot of interesting and useful technology wearable from last few years. But the one we are sharing in this blog will give you strong goosebumps feeling. This Small Ring Combines All Wearable Tech in One Piece. It is Xenxo product and will be launched soon having various useful specifications.

The smart ring actually turns your hand into a mobile phone and replace a lot of your other wearable gadgets as well. The S-ring by Xenxo is wrapped around your finger. The smart ring has got Bluetooth so that you can pick up calls directly.

This Small Ring Combines All Wearable Tech in One Piece

The other benefits include:

  • You can store heavy files on it
  • Make payments on the go
  • Access smart doors with the Bluetooth key
  • Give commands to Siri or other personal assistant
  • S-ring is also a fitness tracker to track your steps, calories and daily goals
  • Additionally, the smart ring can also alert you if you ever left your mobile phone somewhere
  • Gesture control can control things like music
  • Its even got an SOS function that allows to subtly call for help in sketchy situations

The S-ring is in development process; let’s watch the video here in S-ring:

Source: Now This Future


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