Shaan Shahid Criticizes Salman Khan’s Release

Shaan Shahid Shared A Post on Instagram against Salman's Release

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Salman khan, the Bollywood super star who was sentenced to five years for jail, because of killing the black dear. After spending two nights in jail, he immediately got a bail and is out of this situation now. His fans and celebrities are so much happy after his bail and supported him a lot during hard time. Whereas, some fans and Pakistani super hero Shaan come up with criticism. Shaan Shahid Criticizes Salman Khan’s Release.

[highlight color=”blue”]“Gujarat Muslim killings by Modi. Salman did his campaign in Gujarat Modi pm…Both cases will be dismissed very soon. The first case of killing pedestrians was bigger than killing a black buck he walked out of that one so he will walk out of this one also the one-night imprisonments are just to show people that no one is above the law.”[/highlight]

Shaan wrote

Shaan Shahid Criticizes Salman Khan's Release
Source: Shaan Insta Post
[highlight color=”blue”]“Well done Salman good deal you sold out on the blood of Gujarati Muslims for your freedom. But you will never be free as with great power comes great responsibility you being a Muslim star in India you have to protect them. You have freedom but will never be free! Next time you wear a being human t-shirt make sure it says Being human (Except Gujarati Muslims).”[/highlight]

Shaan added.

Shaan Shahid Criticizes Salman Khan’s Release

We all know Shaan always thinks of his own country first on every matter. We respect this behavior of Shaan, do you agree with Shaan or not? Shaan also bash those Pakistani celebrities who work in Bollywood and mawra hocane was included in the shaan list.

Shaan is the most successful Pakistani actor and he has won many awards in Pakistan including one Pride of Performance, four National Film Awards, fifteen Nigar Awards, five Lux Style Awards, one Pakistan Media Award, ARY Film Award.

The biggest last hit movie of Shaan was WAAR which was directed by Bilal lashari and after that he did some more movie that includes 021 and Arth. These both films were declared flop in box office, the next movie of Shaan is “Zaraar” which is produced by 5th Dimension Films in partnership with Blue Orca Pvt Ltd. This is also the first time that UK’s Timothy Hallam Wood will be the dDirector of Photography (DoP) for a Pakistani film. The final spell of Zaraar will begin by the end of April and will be shot in Lahore, Gawadar as well as up north. The cast members which will be Shaan himself, Kiran Malik, Nayyer Ejaz and Nadeem Shb

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