Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in Islamabad

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in Islamabad is now introduced by Bioflex, which is highly effective & safe.

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Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in Islamabad is now introduced by Bioflex, which is highly effective and safe. We will talk about the therapeutic plan in detail once we discuss rotator cuff injury. 

Rotator cuff defines the muscles group along with the tendons that surround your shoulder joint, allowing the head of the arm bone to move within the shoulder socket. Rotator cuff injuries are usually seen to cause dull, aching pain within the shoulder, which gets worse when you plan on sleeping over the affected site.

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Rotator cuff injuries are exclusively seen in patients who repeatedly perform movements with their shoulder joints within their occupations, such as:

  •         Carpenters,
  •         Painters,
  •         Basketball players and
  •         Tennis players.

The risk to suffer from such injuries enhances the aging process. Physical therapy is commonly prescribed in such patients, where it helps in improving flexibility and muscle strength. In severe conditions, surgical procedure is advised for the replacement of the tendons and joints.


Following are the signs and symptoms associated with rotator cuff injury:

  •         Dull, aching pain deep within the shoulders
  •         Sleep disturbance
  •         Difficulty in performing daily activities like combing hair, reaching your hands at the back and others
  •         Weakness in the shoulder joint
  •         Numbness and tingling sensation


Rotator cuff injury treatment in Islamabad/ Lahore/ Peshawar/ Karachi is decided based on the severity of the condition. It occurs due to the following reasons:

  1.       Injury
  2.       Falls
  3.       Progressive degeneration condition
  4.       Wear and tear of the surrounding tendons
  5.       Repetitive overhead activities
  6.       Heavy lifting for an extended period
  7.       The irritating or damaging effect over the tendons

Other than the causes, the common risk factors for rotator cuff injuries include increasing age, certain athletic activities like baseball/ tennis, construction jobs like house painting or carpenters, and genetic inheritance due to family history.


The treatment of rotator cuff injuries is essential. If you avoid getting treatment for the condition you may suffer from permanent weakness and loss of motion in the shoulder joint, you may suffer from progressive degeneration and complete loss of muscle mass. 

For an appropriate treatment plan, the doctors perform the psychical examination, prescribe imaging tests like X-rays, ultrasound, and MRI. 

The conventional treatment approach for rotator cuff injury includes:

  •         Conservative therapy where icing, rest and medicines are prescribed but they have adverse effects over the body.

The latest rotator cuff injury treatment in Islamabad/ Lahore/ Peshawar/ Karachi includes the Bioflex/ cold laser therapy. It is a low-intensity laser therapy that makes use of photobiomodulation over the affected areas. It helps in promoting blood flow in the surrounding tissues, enhances the healing process, increases the formation of new cells, and repairs the injured tissues. 

The technology offers an anti-inflammatory effect over the damaged muscles and is a quick procedure without any surgical cut. Book your appointments now for the safe and effective laser therapy in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Islamabad and get yourself treated with highly trained professionals.


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