Comparing the Rise of China as a Greater Power to US

The role of Greater Vision & Global Monetary Control through Institutions

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China’s rapid increase in its role as the dominant international player had led many scholars and analysts to draw comparisons between the after-world war II era and the contemporary times. Though, at many levels this comparison is unfair and shallow, however, one can not dismiss these very clear similarities, especially China’s promotion of a global vision of its One Belt One Road initiative that instantly draws attention to US’s Marshall Plan when they took the leadership of the global world, and China’s AIIB initiative that is evidently following the pattern World Bank. Thus, seventy years later it seems like China is retracing US’s steps towards greater power. Comparing the Rise of China as a Greater Power to US.

Comparing the Rise of China as a Greater Power to US

Is must not be completely fair neither China nor US or for that matter to Europe and Asia to compare Marshall Plan to OBOR, however, as a critical observer, one cannot ignore the starch similarities of the two in many ways. If not in other ways, the greater global vision the two initiatives represent were and are the visions needed for achieving global leadership statuses. Chinese OBOR, similar to that of US’s Marshall Plan, guises its new more upfront foreign policy in the practical infrastructure investments program.

China is retracing US’s steps towards greater power

Similarly, as World Bank, in the post war era, became the promoter of a US-led economic development vison leading to more gains for the US rather than any other state, the AIIB comes with similar plans of spreading a China-led economic development vison. Utilizing the spread of one’s own economic vison through their own financial institutions has always been a way forward for gaining more power in the international order. Thus, China’s AIIB gains the country the power to both supervise and fund sustainable development projects – just as the US had achieved this with World Bank for seventy years.

Comparing the Rise of China as a Greater Power to US


Differences in the two examples are also very huge as war torn Europe where the Marshall Plan was applied is no comparison for the twenty-first century Asia. Europe in the post war era provided a ”clean slate” for anyone who would have stepped up and helped reconstruct the continent, with no position to negotiate for anything more than what the US offered with its Marshall Plan. This meant that most of the money invested to reconstruct Europe was invested in purchasing food from North America.

However, for China the slate is not as clean, with many resistances from within the Asian states to the rise of China itself, and many regional institutions similar to AIIB initiatives already giving competition to it, along with China’s struggling with numerous internal and regional conflicts. Regardless of these differences one can not ignore the pattern and importance of greater global vison and control of economic structures for nations to achieve greatness.

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