Ripple Price News-12.5% Increase in Value within 24 Hours

Ripple is firing with already 12.5% increase in its value in just 24 hours

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This week seems to be a good time for all the cryptocurrencies. The top three cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are all going up significantly. Bitcoin who normally dominate the battle has been knocked off by ripple by adding $5.7 to its value in yesterday’s afternoon trading session along. Ripple Price News-12.5% Increase in Value within 24 Hours.

Comparison in Growth of Value Among Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

When we compare to gauge the progress of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in a matter of just 24 hours, ripple stands ahead with 12.6% growth. On the other hand the rival coins, Bitcoin has witnessed only 1.5% and Ethereum with 6%. While Bitcoin Cash is up by 6% and Litecoin by 3%. The value of EOS has also increased by 6% in just 24 hours.

Comparing the growth of all these coins gives a clear indication that Ripple is way ahead of its competitors.

Ripple’s Initial Target of Reaching a Value of $1

Ripple is progressing steadily and it is valued at $0.71, which is 5.33% increase. The growth is significant since its reaching closer to its initial target of $1. In the second phase, Ripple aims to reach $3 of value. However, the fans and investors are predicting and hoping that it will soon reach to $10 of value.

Ripple Price News: Reason for the Growth of Ripple’s Value

While its always difficult to analyze the factors which influence the value of any digital currency but we can still do some brainstorming. As we mentioned in our article Ripple all set to become the top currency.

The other factor which seems to influence its value is that it invested back to its business model in the same week. Technically, Ripple is a better coin than Bitcoin in terms of its business model. Traders are becoming smart enough with the passage of time and making knowledgeable trades.

Ripple Price News-12.5% Increase in Value within 24 Hours

It has also integrated with more than 40 central banks which could be a possible cause of this progress. The coin has also been in the news regarding Western Union, Apple and Santander which also seems to be a cause of the healthy movement of XPR.

Ripple Recent Tweet

The #internetofValue means more than faster global payments. Connecting ledgers and blockchains will bring about the second era of the internet.

Internet of Value is the next era of the internet on which all the top three digital coins are working to achieve their targets. Ripple seems to be an advantage with its most impressive progressive in the recent times.

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The surge in the value of XPR is certain. The whole week on the price chart for XPR is dominated by Green and it seems to be sustainable for few weeks. However, no one can guarantee the value of anything to rise higher or sink low but the stage looks to be set for Ripple to wear the crown.

In this good time of the digital currencies, traders must be having more options to make the investment. We get confused when there are multiple options to chose from. Ripple will surge and continue to grow and we think it is the hottest coins to invest currently.


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