PTI Aims to Host a Grand Public Show to Welcome Veteran Politician Chaudhry Nisar

Chaudhry Nisar is in the headlines for his possible joining of PTI

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PTI Aims to Host a Grand Public Show to Welcome Veteran Politician Chaudhry Nisar. Chaudhry Nisar, the Senior PML (N) leader is in the headlines for his possible joining of PTI in the background of his serious differences with PML(N) Defunct President and his Daughter Marryam Nawaz.

Chaudhry Nisar Reservations Over Marryam’s Command

It is not a secret story that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, a veteran politician is having unpleasant terms with the top leadership of the party and he has expressed his reservations over Maryam Nawaz’s increasing influence in the decision making of the party. He has publicly stated that he will leave the party if he has to work under her command.

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Differences with Other Top Leaders of PML (N)

His differences with other top leaders are also not private since some serious cross arguments took place publicly in the past few months between Ch. Nisar and Khawja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal and Pervaiz rasheed on different occasions.

PTI Aims to Host a Grand Public Show to Welcome Veteran Politician Chaudhry Nisar

Imran Khan’s and Ch. Nisar’s Most Recent Meetings

According to burue chief of ARY News, Sabir Shakir, Imran khan met Chaudhry Nisar in the last 48 hours to settle on the conditions of former’s joining Khan’s party. The two are childhood friends and hold great respect for each other despite some rough patch during Islamabad DHARNA when Ch. Nisar was Interior Minister and took strict action against the Sit-in.

This meeting was a part of a series of meeting being held in the last few weeks. He said that PTI want to make it a grand event by hosting a Grand Public Show in Rawalpindi to welcome their most demanded political personality.

Jahangir Tareen, Shah Mehmood & Ramesh Kumar also Met Ch. Nisar

A delegate comprising Jahangir Tareen, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Ramesh Kumar has visited Ch. Nisar today and conveyed the message of Party Chief Imran Khan offering him to join PTI. The delegate is confident that they will take this important wicket of PML(N) very soon.

Ch. Nisar asked for time to consult with his friends and family before making this important decision. It is also speculated that Ch. Nisar want to join PTI with a group of likeminded people from PML(N) who are supporting him against the top leadership.

Is this just Another Boost after Javaid Hashmi’s Joining PTI in 2013?

PTI celebrated that day with full jubilation when Makhdoom Javaid Hashmi, a veteran Politician and ex PML(N) leader joined PTI in 2013, few months before the general election. Imran Khan himself went to Airport to receive him and then drove him to the party office himself. This really boosted the morals of the party at that time and the instance turned fortunate since hundreds of electable came flocking towards PTI for election tickets.

Possible Impact of Ch. Nisar Joining PTI

Ch. Nisar could turn to be as much effective to give a new fuel to the party. There are dozens of other electable with him who are angry at the party policies. This event will turn the political scenario of the country and could give the media and others a food for thought to analyze the favorite political party for the upcoming elections.

It will be a huge blow for PML (N), which is already facing unfavorable circumstances. The candidate for Prime Minister-ship, Mian Shahbaz Sharif also met Ch. Nisar last week to address his reservations and the news story does not call it a fruitful meeting since he was reportedly skeptical to meet Nawaz Sharif.

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