Prospects of Mobile Money-A Case of Pakistan

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Mobile money has complete more to extend the influence of financial services in the past era than traditional “bricks and mortar” banking has in the past span. Nowadays, there are 411 million mobile money accounts globally. Prospects of Mobile Money-A Case of Pakistan.

Moreover, the future accomplishment of mobile money relies on industry’s capacity to adapt an affecting landscape. future and current trends. In 2015 report showing the better visibility on what to adopt and how to change.

Nowadays, there are 411 million mobile money accounts globally

Following are the trends that will affect the industry’s evolution:

  • As the base of customer is increasing actively the development and innovations of the mobile money will be essential and beneficial to expand customer usage.
  • Enlarged investment will be significant for providers to strive in an online world.
  • While mobile money for women and rural consumers become more accessible than ever before, there is still a chance to reach underserved sectors.

Prospects of Mobile Money-A Case of Pakistan

This focuses on the state of the mobile money segment and industrial tendencies. Precisely, it looks at:

  • Accessibility and spread of mobile money services universally
  • following are two mobile money access
  1. physical access through agent networks
  2. Technical access through the mobile interface
  • Usage the Revenues and investment

The forthcoming analysis on the adoption of other mobile financial services: Mobile insurance, mobile savings, and mobile credit, as they released in late spring 2016 innovation become increases and future seems to be bright.

Prospects of Mobile Money in Pakistan:

In Pakistan over 72 percent of population linked through mobile phones and others that will approximately 15 percent having conventional banking decisions. So, this means that people out of financial net is around 85 to 88 percent. Due to different limitations, these people can only handle cash and incapable to open bank account. Because they are uneducated, haven’t CNICs, live in that type of area which is inaccessible out of the way and so on….

This situation creates a huge demand and need of MOBILE MONEY.

As substantial number of Pakistanis they have been quite some time, but now a day to multiply this number concerted struggle has been launched. Resultantly, to diversify further the financial services and new partnerships are emerging.

Mobi cash a branchless banking service in Pakistan launched by Mobilink that comes with the Collaboration with NADRA and for this they are charging fees from applicants.

Meezan Bank, in partnership with U-Pasa (offer of UFONE) have recently started the service beneath the name of Meezan-UPaisa.

  • So, Customers in Pakistan will be able to send and receive
  • Cash,
  • pay utility bills and across to the Pakistan do mobile top ups.
  • Through this they want their money will go unswervingly to the recipient without waiting in the service provider’s account.
  • Even though deposit their bills in late night that is just because of MOBILE MONEY!!

Only the thing lacks in mobile money is about frauds, the frauds are being stanch through mobile like

  • fund transfer facilities
  • prize schemes telco prize schemes
  • to shift money through these channels and then vanish

Above frauds usually figure out on the lack of customer awareness and consciousness around consuming the mobile money services. To save our customers from fraud taking various phases to build responsiveness around these services and practices to certify negligible impact. through following the” regulations & policies around AML / CFT & submission that are administered by STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN.”

The future of mobile money in Pakistan is growing fast it has an outreach of 7 million customers. It’s natural that once it become common and develop the trust people like to adopt the change.

The future of mobile money in Pakistan is growing fast it has an outreach of 7 million customers

The Prospects of Mobile Money in Pakistan is going strong day by day and it is measured one of the greatest markets in the world. Not more than three years for mobile money to see a extensive usage of their services at selling shops, transportation, online shopping and other service segments.


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