PIA on Social Media: A Hope for Redemption

How PIA is taking benefit of social media to improve company’s image

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Recent years has seen PIA’s image going down because of the service it was providing. Being our national airline, PIA seemed to be going down the hill with issues like low maintained aircraft such as broken handles, ripped seat covers etc., in-craft service during a travel, a serious concern regarding the team of air hostesses that one came across and interacted with during flight, and more importantly the general trend that was seen to be on rise where flights were delayed because of VIP protocols. And so, there was a serious need on PIA’s part to reboot its image and attain the status it once occupied among the other private airlines that we have available in Pakistan. PIA recently started using social media in order to restore its image and iconic symbol in Pakistan and across the globe. Hence, PIA on Social Media is the best example of how a brand can uplift its lost status in the public.

PIA on Social Media: A Hope for Redemption

Let’s go through following few aspects in which PIA wishes to achieve its goal through social media.

PIA Building Positive Image on Social Media

Exploiting the commercial and social standing of PIA, social media experts are trying to create a positive image across all mediums taking into consideration and building upon the sentimental attachment of the nation with the PIA Brand.

PIA’s recent venture of starting air safari has become a big success in commercial market with PIA’s PR promoting pictures of the first trip of air safari with famous celebrities of Pakistan in different newspapers.

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Crisis Management

The recent incident of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-750 is the best example of how best PIA managed the crisis. The video of a mother who was traveling from Paris to Lahore on this flight went viral on social media. While public on social media was creating hype about the incident, PIA immediately responded to the unfortunate incident.

Not only this, the CEO of PIA Dr. Musharaf for the very first time appeared on live video session on Facebook. Hence “PIA on Social Media” clearly indicates that social media can be used effectively by any company to manage crisis.

Creating PR Opportunities on Social Media

Experts have been asked by the PIA authorities to promote the PIA Brand, products, services and the initiatives taken by the PIA management to turn around the company across all mediums, designing events and coordination with PIA to participate in events that will create value for PIA or enhance PIA’s image locally and globally.

This also includes placement of favorable articles in key newspapers, journals, Radio and TV programs. In a very recent event, two females pilots Capt Maryam Masood and First Officer Shumaila were all over social media for being the first two female pilots to fly one of PIA’s aircraft to Gilgit Baltistan. This became a topic that was greatly appreciated and shared by many expressing how PIA was becoming an airline that is diminishing differences and providing equal opportunity to their male and female staff both.

Building a Repo with Press

This initiative is taken so that the legacy and lineage of PIA as well as PIA’s status as the national flag carrier of Pakistan, holding the status of Pakistan’s ambassador in the international skies can be revived. Experts in this area must represent a theme and a story, consistent with PIA’s rich history and Pakistan’s cultural icons/landmarks etc., while defining PIA’s strategic objectives and future aspirations.

The design must be also modern and contemporary. Looking up the air safari on the official page of Pakistan Airlines presents a beautiful description of Pakistan and its beauty that should be viewed and one can feel that

PIA is not only trying to regain its image through pictures but is also making an effort in presenting itself as an enticing experience, in description.

Check PIA’s social media yourself & then decide: PIA


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