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Payoneer in Pakistan: How to Receive Payoneer Payments in Pakistan 2019

Now Receive your Payments more Quickly via Payoneer

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How to Receive Payoneer Payments in Pakistan 2019. As previously it was really difficult for freelancers and companies to receive their payments from international clients. But now recently with the launch of “Payoneer in Pakistan” it becomes easy for individuals to get their money while sitting in Pakistan.

The other options like PayPal for payment transactions has some limitations and may be that’s why Payoneer reached to Pakistan. Being the 4th largest country of Freelancers; Payoneer observe real potential in Pakistan. Currently, Payoneer is accepted in around 200 countries with 150 currencies. Keeping in view the accessibility of Payoneer, we have decided to come up with complete blog on it.

How to Receive Payoneer Payments in Pakistan 2019

Initial Registration

The user has the option to register either as an individual or a company. While registering yourself/company, a virtual account will be given to you in a US bank. This account allows you to receive payments via Payoneer MasterCard; which will be shipped to you within 2 weeks.

Here are the registration requirements:

  • A Local i.e. Pakistani Bank Account is required.
  • Complete Address including zip code for the delivery of your “Payoneer card.”
  • Eligibility: Applicant must be 18 years old.
  • National ID or Driving License or Passport No. to validate your identity.

Receiving Payments

Payoneer helps you to receive from international clients while sitting in any corner of the world. It has actually the life of freelancers very easy.

You can simply receive payments from Payoneer by linking you Pakistani bank account to Payoneer account. Or even by getting instant loads in your Payoneer card.

  1. Users can withdraw their funds to their local bank account.
  2. They can also withdraw the money from an ATM while using their Payoneer card. Currently, Bank Al-Falah, MCB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Faysal Bank support Payoneer card in Pakistan.

With this, we can conclude that arrival of Payoneer in Pakistan has actually made lives of all freelancers very easy. Now they can make their portfolio while working with good international companies or even individuals.

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