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Pandemic Outbreak-An Opportunity to Change Lifestyles 

All large & small economies are on a standstill & ambiguity clouds the future due to Corona.

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The local, international and social media news platforms are overwhelmed with news, mostly with a pessimistic gist, on Coronavirus outbreak as well as the ravages it has brought across the globe. Right from the appearance of first case in China of Pandemic Outbreak and until now when total number of people contracting the disease in at least 177 countries worldwide has crossed 1.4 million, the experts & scientists of medicine, economy, society, politics etc. have all been predicting its consequences on their respective areas of study as well as its impact on the future.

Almost all countries with confirmed cases of the pandemic outbreak are presently under strict lock-downs as the concept of social distancing is being practiced by force. Consequently, all large and small economies are on a standstill and ambiguity clouds the future.

The slump in economic mobility is feared to reverse ratios of unemployment and poverty back to the figures of post-World Wars era. Uncertainty prevails over the fate of fragile economies which were already under much duress while now the epidemic has limited them to unprecedented bounds. Nevertheless, there’s a bright side to the outbreak as well.

Pandemic Outbreak-An Opportunity to Change Lifestyles

Humans of today have had a lucid view of how civilizations are able to unearth their hidden qualities crucial for existence and unite against a power greater than them when it tries to take over. We have seen how valor saves the world when helplessness takes the shape of distress and fear. We are witnessing how humanity becomes a larger priority when the danger is equal for all.

We all are running towards the One who has created us in our own particular styles and protocols; asking for mercy and for forgiveness as we know for sure that we have sinned. We are almost automatically turning into a new kind of human race after gradually realizing the worth of things as small and simple as a handshake.

For once we are compelled to stop and think for a moment, while we actually have some of it extra, about everything that we have been doing wrong or at least unnatural. Setting the concept of community living aside, we were largely moving forward to adopt a more nuclear lifestyle. Hiding behind the impressions of ‘introvert’ & ‘extrovert’ we were simply trying to distance ourselves from coexisting and bearing along with other human beings around us.

All large & small economies are on a standstill & ambiguity clouds the future due to Corona.

Technological innovations, especially our handheld devices, had taken us away from also the people we have at home. Indiscreet in our dealings, we have been least considerate about problems of the less privileged and drunk on the idea of detachment and aloofness.

This pandemic outbreak, at least, has jolted us and rendered us to open our eyes in order to see the blessings we have been missing while moving superfast in our lives. For the first time individuals, including those working from home, have ample time to mull over their lifestyles as they grow more and more eager of reemploying their experience with nature as well as social life.

As we grow bored of using our gadgets and desire increasingly to go out for fresh air and happy reunions, we are having our attitudes reconstructed and experiencing readjustment of priorities.

Countries like Pakistan where a large number of population is still attached to its tight social bonding norms, the new concept of social distancing is difficult to digest. Lockdown here, thereby, is expected to stretch longer than in other parts of the world. At the same time, economic constraints will not allow the government to elongate it any further and, thus, chaos awaits.

The only feasible option would be to rather educate the people before unleashing them on the streets. Strict control will nonetheless be required at both private and public places to keep the epidemic under the mat. Because of the situation the country is learning to adopt technological solution to its problems quicker than it could ever had under normal circumstances.

The pandemic outbreak has led the government to coin and experiment with several IT based solutions to carry out daily public life. Islamabad administration, for example, with its scheme of transporting grocery items at doorsteps, is leading with example whereas Punjab and other provinces would soon be following.

FoodPanda – a private venture for restaurant home-deliveries only – has widened its scope by allowing on its App to order and get delivered grocery and other times from preferred departmental or super stores.

Online classes, nonetheless, is an achievement that Pakistani schools, colleges and universities adopted within no time in order to ensure uninterrupted study schedule for their respective students. A number of government departments including several ministries are becoming technology friendly faster than they had ever anticipated. Moreover, a number of public and private organizations are exploring new venues for saving big time on liabilities and workplace expenditures because of the rather forced experiment.

Though a relentless fear of surge in unemployment is growing every extension in the lockdown period, a new genre of employment is on the rise at the same time.

Attaching a stigma with the Chinese race would be nothing but unfair under present situation. Regardless of its origin, the outbreak has shown how countries can be selfish enough to close their borders even to their own citizens as well as how generous they can be for extending both monetary and human assistance to other countries. Also, generosity of the people is unveiled as countless amounts of money is given as donation for helping those who are suffering more.

Greater the powers, greater is the impact of this epidemic on them. This clearly shows that there is definitely a power above all of us which probably wants to make us realize that we are nothing but mere helpless creatures invulnerable to His powers and abilities.

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Junaid Rana

Junaid has earned his expertise in International Relations & Affairs from National Defence University Islamabad after graduating from the University of Balochistan with majors in Politics and Journalism. A realist in life but liberal in thoughts, the writer keeps a keen eye on Pakistan's local politics and changing internal dynamics while analyzing its impacts on the country's role as an international actor.

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