Pakistan to Test 5G Network by 2020 – Dr. Ismail Shah

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Pakistan to Test 5G Network by 2020; said Dr. Ismail Shah during a workshop organized by Qualcomm in collaboration with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ministry of Information & Technology (MoIT) on Evolution of latest technology 5G.

Pakistan to Test 5G Network by 2020 – Dr. Ismail Shah

Dr. said that the IT Ministry and PTA are trying their best to make technology available across entire Pakistan.

For successful launch of 5G services in the Pakistan, PTA will first announce an Expression of Interest (EoI) before the release of final and standard technical process. The purpose behind this EoI will be to gauge the interest of all concerned companies.

Currently, Pakistan has 39 million 3G/4G subscribers; which is an impressive future because it is achieved in short span of 3 years only. The entire cellular subscribers are around 139 million as per PTA March 2017 report. This is huge milestone achieved by Pakistan. It also indicates that the telecom sector of Pakistan has huge potential and it will further grow in coming years.

Hence, it is expected that the launch of 5G services will further effect the connectivity rate in Pakistan and internet will reach to far flung areas of the country. This will take Pakistan on the road to True Digital Pakistan, InshALLAH!!!

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