Let’s Explore these Northern Areas of Pakistan this Summer

No doubt Pakistan is blessed with beautiful North

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Pakistan is blessed extremely beautiful north that has attracted various foreign tourists in recent years to visit. Gilgit Baltistan, Chitral and Kashmir has wild rivers, unique landscapes and above all very hospitable people that absolutely makes these areas heaven on earth. Yes, it is heaven for those who really seek adventure in life. From the “highest mountains” of the world, to the lush green valleys and lakes the north of Pakistan is truly a heaven on earth. Now you must be thinking when to visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan areas.

Usually not every weather is favorable to visit northern areas of Pakistan due to the cold weather and land sliding. In Pakistan, a huge influx of tourists visit northern areas after May or June as it is the best time enjoy the beauty of lakes and mountains. So, in this blog we will be recommending the cities, districts and places to visit in northern areas of Pakistan.

Here is list of highly recommended northern areas of Pakistan which we can visit in coming summers”

  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Chitral
  • Swat
  • Azad Kashmir

Let’s Explore these Northern Areas of Pakistan this Summer

Gilgit Baltistan

GB has total five districts and each of them is worth visit. I personally explored Gilgit (capital), Hunza, Astore, and Skardu. Whereas the all five districts include:

  • Astore District
  • Diamir District
  • Ghizar District
  • Gilgit District
  • Hunza-Nagar District

The roads to Astore are very dangerous and full of adventure. It is the largest district of GB.

Northern Areas of Pakistan
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We can not resist to visit Rama Valley from this Astore District.

Northern Areas of Pakistan
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For rest of natural beauty from of GB, you have to visit this summer.


Chitral has its own natural beauty. The road to Chitral “Loweri Top” is the world’s 8th dangerous road but after reaching to Chitral via loweri top you will realize that it was worth try.

Northern Areas of Pakistan
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Azad Kashmir

After GB, Azad Kashmir is my second most favorite place to visit. The breathtaking views of Neelam valley are extremely and their greenery is so much soul refreshing.

Northern Areas of Pakistan
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