New Restaurants in Islamabad – Serving Taste & Quality Food

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Virginia Woolf once rightly said, ‘one cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well’. Food is such an important part of our life without which we cannot live. Be it desi or continental, be it Thai or Chinese, be it Italian or Lebanese, we love to eat and try out different cuisines no matter where we are or what we are doing. That is why, we have witnessed the opening of so many food chains in the past few years. These New Restaurants in Islamabad are serving Taste & Quality Food.

We, the people of Islamabad, like all the other metropolitan cities of the country, crave for delicious food and visit the nearest food spot the moment we come to know about it. The fact that our food is first borrowed from all the provinces and is then reinvented makes Islamabad a host to a variety of restaurants, cafes, chai spots, tuck shops and dhabaas. Recently, many new restaurants and cafes have opened in the city which are liked by the people. This blog will cover the newly opened food spots in Islamabad.

New Restaurants in Islamabad – Serving Taste & Quality Food


New Restaurants in Islamabad
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Let’s start with this recently inaugurated steak and burger joint in F.7 sector of Islamabad. Cravings was basically an idea of two friends, Suhaib Yaseen and Naveed Zafar, to provide youngsters a place where they can chit chat while having delicious burgers, sandwiches, steaks and salads. It would not be wrong to say that they did an outstanding job both in providing the unique taste and perfect place. An amazing thing about cravings is that their items are named very creatively which makes one taste them such as ‘heaven in hell’, ‘the greekster’, ‘krazy five’, ‘athelete’s meal’ and many other.

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In terms of food, their menu is petite yet detailed as it contains all the items one craves for. One of the most cherished item in their menu is the ‘holy smoke wings’ which is a combination of spices and sauces. My personal experience of their wings was great and I loved them. Do try them once and you will crave for them again and again. Besides that, their rainbow beef steak is one of its kind and can be called as one of the best in the town.


Located in the F.7 sector of Islamabad, Kabacha is one of the best sitting and dining places in Islamabad. It consists of a rooftop and an outside dining area where you can have your meal while enjoying the lovely weather of the capital. Be it desi food, such as pakoray and chae, or be it continental, such as steaks and sandwiches, each food item of kabacha will leave you licking your fingers.

For all those karak chae lovers, kabacha serves one of the best tea in the town. Quite different from other chae spots, their tea is serves in clay pots/cups which gives you a feeling of having tea in some mountainous place of Northern villages. Cherry on top is their price range which is customer friendly. It will only cost you Rs210 for two people.

Mughlai Courtyard

New Restaurants in Islamabad – Serving Taste & Quality Food
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As the name suggests, this restaurant is based on theme of Mughal era and provide a royal dining experience to its customers. The exterior of the restaurants is painted red and is decorated with mirror, hand painted pictures of kings and queens, inscriptions and mosaic ceiling. Its jharoka seating and courtyard, decorated in metalwork, serves as a treat to the visible eye.

They have a live kitchen where you can see the food being cooked in front of your eyes. It has a very detailed menu and is divided in various sections. Following the theme of the restaurant, the food is presented in copper utensils. Their murgh makhani is worth a try as its is full of taste and color. Some of their other delicious items include mutton roghan josh, daal makhana, mutton risotto, dam pukht mutton biryani, tawah mix taka tak and reshmi kabbab.

Chaat Shaat

New Restaurants in Islamabad
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Has your mouth watered just by reading the name of chaat? Well mine too. Chaat shaat is also a newly opened Pakistani restaurant which serve every desi dish a person could ever think of. It would be right to call this place a heaven for desi food lovers. Some of the best food items in their menu include kabbab thalis, palak paneer, karahi qeema, doasas and chaat.

This eatery has done complete justice with its name as their chaat is crunchy, spicy and tasty. Their chaats include papri chaat, samosa chaat, chana chaat and many others. You can also have different types of roll parathas. In addition, their prices are also very reasonable.

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