Most in-demand skills 2020—in Marketing, Finance & Sales

Become Marketing, Sales & Finance Expert with Help of these Skills 

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No doubt, there is a really strong demand for most-advanced technology skills in workforce, and this demand is increasing day by day. As, every single day we are hearing about new technologies, similarly the industry needs more skilled resources to compete in contemporaneity tech eco-system. Also, skills are dominating the traditional four years bachelors or even master degrees. As tech giants like Google. Apply etc. have clearly said that they are hiring people on basis of latest tech skills rather than having university degrees. This clearly shows the demand for skills and also the need to know more about most in-demand skills 2020.

For workers in finance and marketing, SQL (Structured Query Language), is listed and considered one of the top skills to master in the year 2020. “Structured Query Language” — is a programming language, was recently ranked in the list of most in-demand technology skills by “Udemy’s 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report.”\

Most in-demand skills 2020 – For Becoming Marketing, Sales & Finance Professional 

Other than tech skills, there is an equal demand for marketing, finance and sales skills. So that’s why we thought to come up with the updated list of in-demand skills for our readers. Here is a breakdown of most in-demand skills for 2020 in marketing, finance and sales.

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  1. Excel: Excel is used for graphs, calculations, and statistical analysis and one of the most important tool for finance professionals.
  2. SQL: SLQ is a programming language which “allows users to manage databases” wisely.
  3. Financial Analysis: Financial analysis is done by professionals to assess company’s financial performance and hence make recommendations to to organizations accordingly.
  4. Tableau: One of the famous data visualization tool.
  5. Leadership: Guiding organization at managerial level.


  1. Digital Marketing: Gone are the days of conventional marketing. 90% of marketing budgets are now invest on digital platforms rather conventional TV ads or billboards. Digital marketing means advertising services or products on digital platforms like website, search engines, social media & mobile applications.
  2. Python: Programming language that is used in “software development, data analysis, and  infrastructure management.
  3. Web Development: Build a website or application for company’s digital presence.
  4. SQL: Programming language that allows users to manage databases.
  5. Google Ads: Online advertising platform developed by Google.


  1. Sales Skills: Communication skills such as negotiation/storytelling that are used to increase the business sales or growth (in terms of revenue).
  2. Excel: Used for graphs, calculations, and statistical analysis.
  3. Leadership: Organizational guidance.
  4. Web Development: Building a websites or applications via coding.
  5. Public Speaking: Communicating information via presentations.

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