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Most in Demand Masters Degrees in Australia 2020

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Australia is an ideal place to live for immigrants all across the world. In the global ranking, Australia has been on top in terms of health care facilities, human development opportunities, quality of life and most importantly education. Students from all over the world, come to Australia to pursue their graduation as well as master degree.

There are numerous universities in Australia for master degree in various disciplines, including medical science, social science, business management, IT, computer science, engineering, fine arts, architecture and the list goes on.

These universities are among top ranked institutes in the world and students who choose to study here will benefit from their expert faculty and improve their learning exposure.

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If you are planning to move to Australia for your masters, then you are definitely thinking the right way. Nevertheless, do your research first regarding most demanded master programs in Australia, as this will increase your chances of employability latter. Lets’ briefly have a look at some of the most demanded degrees there, to help you out.

Masters Degrees in Australia 2020 – A Complete List of Degrees for You

Master in Business Management/ Administration

Understanding how businesses operate is vital for any industry; therefore, MBA (Master in Business Administration) has always been an attractive degree in every country.

Students also consider it an interesting qualification as this enables them to understand all support functions of any business i.e. Human resource management, Marketing, Finance, General Management, Administration, and Procurement etc.

Many Australian universities offer degrees programs in business administration as well as business management.

There are bachelor, masters and doctoral level degrees available in this discipline and further specializations in relevant fields. International students from all across the world come to Australia for business management studies in various fields.

Courses in business management are comparatively expensive but the employability rate is very good.

Masters in Computer Science, IT

Survival of any business without IT is rare now and universities in Australia offers various courses as well as degree programs in computer science and IT.

These fields are important in every industry today all across the world. Students can choose further specialization depending on their interest and competence. Specialization options includes but not limited to data science, big data, software engineering, app designing, networking, network security and many more.

Maters in Medical Science

Medical science and related specializations are among the top rated degrees in Australian universities. Some of them are also among world best degrees. Health science has always been in demand but due to its eligibility criteria, only qualified students apply for these programs.

Due to globalization, there is a growing demand for medical science graduates in public as well as private sector, and hence universities are introducing and upgrading their medical science degrees. There are two options, a 4-year degree program and a 6-year degree program.

The 4 years program leads to an undergraduate degree while 6-year program is a postgraduate medical degree.

Masters in Engineering

Engineering has always been one of the highest paid profession and always in demand across the world. Australia has the top three universities, which offers best-ranked engineering degrees across the world; this includes La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, and Swinburne University.

Every university has a vast variety of different specializations and has different fee structures.

Masters in Accounting and Finance

Masters in accounting and finance is more detailed subject and it focuses on international accounting as well as financial management. This degree will make you more marketable not only in Australia rather all over the world. After completing this degree, you will have more chances to get through certifications like CPA (Certified public accountant) or CIA (Certified internal auditor).

After qualification, students get the jobs in public and private sectors at managerial roles. Admission eligibility is slightly strict and all reputable universities ask for a reasonable CGPA in order to qualify for this master degree enrollment.

Masters in Nursing

If you desire to join medical field as a nurse, then you can opt for masters in nursing. This degree focuses on illness prevention, suffering alleviation, injury treatment, guiding on health tips etc.  Skilled nurses are in demand all over the world and therefore career prospects are bright.

This qualification will enhance your skill if you are already in this profession with an under graduation degree or course.

Therefore, this degree program is designed specially to provide new skills as well knowledge to the students, which will enable them to develop professionally, do progress in career on order to reach senior roles.

Master of Environmental Science

This degree aims to finding methods for increasing energy efficiency, enhance environmental awareness, preserve natural resources, decrease pollution, and find better and less harmful alternatives. Students will identify all possible ways to resolve environmental issues.

There are further specializations like environmental management, environmental planning, marine and Antarctic science and many more.

Tip you need to follow:

Keep in mind that your masters’ degree will provide you a good opportunity to excel in your career at managerial roles. You should choose a masters’ program keeping in mind your interest as well as skills and definitely what is been in demand.

Then do your research about top rated universities, which offers those degree programs. Compare the fee structures and scholarships available. If you cannot relocate to Australia due to financial or any other constraints then consider online/ virtual degree programs.

Success depends on right choice, positive attitude and hard work, therefore, start with the right research and you will find ways to reach your goal. 


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