Mehwish Hayat Won Hearts at Filmfare Middle East Magazine Launch

Various Celebrities from Pakistan Attended Filmfare Middle East Magazine Launch

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Pakistani Superstar “Mehwish Hayat” recently attended the Filmfare East Magzine Launch at Dubai where she was honored with ‘Pakistani Icon’  award. She delivered the best speech while receiving the award and showcasing Pakistani industry.Mehwish Hayat Won Hearts at Filmfare Middle East Magazine Launch, some more artists from Pakistan were also invited like Fawad Khan, male model Husnain lehri and few others.

The way Mehwish spoke and received the award was totally unexpected because we never saw her on any international function. The first time she came and she conquered the hall, way too good girl!

Mehwish Hayat Won Hearts at Filmfare Middle East Magazine Launch

She said: “I would love for Indian friends to come visit us in my homeland and see the love people have for them,”

Furthermore, she said: “I think too much emphasis has been put on the role for artists and films in building bridges between our two nations. No matter what the people may want, the past year’s events have shown that 70 years of history and deep political issues will always get in the way. This is much more than casting actors from across the border in each other’s films. I long for the day when people in India can freely see my movies in their country, just as Indian films are played in my country.”

On Instagram, she wrote: “It was a privilege to represent Pakistan at the Filmfare Middle East Launch in Dubai where I was honored with the Pakistan Icon plaque. I accepted this international award on behalf of all our industry which has made such tremendous leaps in such a short time and our films are comparable with anybody else. It was also an opportunity to share the platform with members of our fraternity from across the border and share my thoughts,”

Mehwish Hayat Won Hearts at Filmfare Middle East Magazine Launch
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We all know last year, some female celebrities from Pakistan and India attended the Masala awards together and that list includes Saba Qamar, Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane. Sri Devi (late) and some others. No one spoke so well like Mehwish Hayat, the words she chooses are so warm welcoming and she delivered the right message at the right time. India has imposed the ban on Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan and further, they both couldn’t do any other project after all these policies. Just last month, the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA) denied removing its ban on Pakistani artists working in India.

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