Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen & Pashtun Long March

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Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen & Pashtun Long March. Manzoor Ahmad pashteen, a young man from south Waziristan became so much popular now to be called as human rights activist. The boy grew up in the Sarokai district of South Waziristan. He belong to the tribe Mehsud. His father Abdul Wadud Mehsud  is a poor man and a school teacher by profession. Manzoor received doctor of veterinary medicine for Gomal university Dera Ismail Khan.

Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen and all the other residents were made to be internally displaced from Waziristan in 2009 as the result of operation Rahe nijat. They migrate to internally displaced persons camps in Dera Ismail Khan. Some figures shows that around 600,000 Mehsud were internally displaced by Pak army due to Military action in that region. Pushteen wanted to be a volunteer to them as he was very fond of Pakistan army in his early years. Later on he was harassed multiple times by Pak army for suspected links with armed groups in pakistan and beyond Pak Afghan border.


Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen & Pashtun Long March

Pashteen then started search for likeminded friends and volunteers against this morass in an organization. In 2014 he established “Mehsud Tahafuz Movement” an organization for the protection of the people of their tribe. According to him over the past year some members of his tribe returned back to their villages after military operation. But the valley is still infested with land mines which often blew up our children and adults. Any disturbance or attach near a village can lead to humiliation and mistreatment with civilians. It was not easy to raise his voice against the government and Pak army. According to him he was often called not to fight against the government as it was a very sensitive line.

In 2014 he established “Mehsud Tahafuz Movement” an organization for the protection of the people of their tribe

At this time pashteen was not famous among people and social media. On the evening of January 3rd, Naqeebullah Mehsud a Mehsud pashtoon from Waziristan a 27 years old father and an aspiring model was encountered by the Karachi police in a raid. On January 13th, police said that they had killed four terrorists  suspected of having links with Pakistan Taliban. One of the four was Naqeebullah Mehsud. The police officer who led the operation , Rao Anwar said that Naqeebullah was a suspected terrorist encountered by Karachi police.

After Naqeeb’s burial  Pashteen took naqeeb’s  father  back to Karachi where they decided the “Long March” 

Elders of tribe Mehsud was fearing to claim the body of Naqeeb but pashteen decided that enough is enough and they will protest to the country capital. The word spread very quickly via social media soon after dozens of young men reached to the morgue to claim the body of Naqeeb these dozens turned in to hundreds in the Sohrab Goth area of Karachi. Pashteen took the body of young Naqeeb to their villages under the protection of police. After Naqeeb’s burial  Pashteen took naqeeb’s  father  back to Karachi where they decided the “Long March” .

“[Pashteen] never aims to earn money from anything he does, all he wants to do is fight for the rights of Pashtuns,” said Noor Rehman Mehsud, a member of the movement and one of Naqeebullah Mehsud’s cousins.

On January 26 Manzoor Pashteen started to led the protest form Dera Ismail Khan towards Islamabad. On the way to Islamabad many people joined the march. Everywhere they went people welcomed them with open hearts and joined them in their cause. Thus movements for the protection of Pashtuns was born even before they set foot in the capital. Upon reaching to Islamabad pashtoon tahafuz movement organized a sit in called All Pashtoon National Jirga. The demands of the movements were very simple.

  • Justice for Naqeeb
  • Clear all the landmines in FATA and all tribal
  • Reduce the Curfews in FATA
  • From a judicial commission to investigate fake encounters like Naqeeb’s
  • Returning of missing persons

With these demands the “Mehsud Tahafuz Movement ”  Pashtoon tahafuz movement.

This was a fully peaceful protest outside the National press club in Islamabad the protest lasts for ten days. According to Pashteen  fruit full results sit in has just started as removal of mines in south Waziristan has started and 320 missing persons out of 32000 has returned. Regarding the role of mainstream media Pashteen criticized it for not giving any coverage to the PTM rallies.

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