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List of Most Demanded Degrees in the World

Choose your professional degree in relevance to the market demand

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Market is changing very fast and new horizons are emerging almost every day. With the changing world dynamics, it is very important that you choose your professional degree in relevance to the market demand. Starting with your interest and skills you have, consider factors like demand, prospective career and definitely the earning your degree will give you.

List of Most Demanded Degrees in the World

Let us have a look at few degrees, which are most in demand around the world.

  1. Engineering

Engineering has always been a popular degree and with time, there are more specialties in this field. The demand for engineering degree is increasing every day in every country.

Well-known specialties includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, architecture engineering, bio medical engineering and lot more.

In every discipline, the graduates aim to make the processes/ objects gain more efficiency and productivity. A very interesting fact and definitely a good news about specializations in engineering is that the graduates are able to choose interdisciplinary careers.

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Means it does not bound you to work in any specific industry because your skills as well as knowledge are applicable in other related field too. Examples includes chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering.

  1. Computer Science

With every passing year, computers has become a necessity in any organization, whether small businesses, or large companies or even individuals. Therefore, there is a huge demand for computer specialist in all industries.

These computer specialists required have various specialties, like fixing technical problems in the machines, understanding the software related problems, building user-friendly software / operating systems, interactive websites, cyber security specialist who protect your computers, video games or apps developers and many more.

There are different specialist for each area as each one is a vast subject itself.  For example, coding languages like Java, C++, prolog and scheme need proper degrees to understand and implement practically.

Recently a new demand for computer science degree with majors in management information systems has evolved due to an emerging need for big data also known as data science.

  1. Information Technology

A highly skilled qualification, information technology (IT) is a prosperous industry. Information technology qualification focuses on computer systems, including both hardware and software, and how data can be shared among these securely.

After completing the degree, graduates can choose among variety of career paths. Like network architects, database administrators, information technology research scientist and many more. The IT field is growing and the expected salary growth is 15% till 2025.

  1. Cyber Security Specialist

Every business is always been vulnerable to cyber attack and therefore, cyber security specialist are in demand always. The hackers are getting more skillful and so does the skill set required for cyber security specialist need up-gradation.

They can further have tasks like intelligence analysis, homeland security, network administration, etc. together with IT team, cyber-security specialists are required to develop disaster recovery plans, restore proper functioning and develop solution to prevent breaches of security systems in future .

  1. Pharmacy

A medical science degree, pharmacy is the knowledge of preparing and dispensing as well as reviewing the medicines, and provide clinical services required. The graduates will gain an in depth education about pharmaceutical chemistry.

Graduates can choose to work in different areas like hospital pharmacist, community pharmacist, research scientist or pharmacologist. A degree in pharmacy has a lucrative career prospects in almost every country and is among list of most demanded degrees.

  1. Finance

Commonly known as “FAME” – Finance, Accounting, Management and Economics. Finance graduates are very much in demand as every organization big or small, has to do financial decisions, this is what finance graduates are in expert. A degree in Finance has vast number of further specialties like risk advisors, portfolio management, assets management, financial controllers, project specialist and lot more.

A USA degree CFA “Chartered financial analyst” recognized as world best degree and is one of the highest income earning qualification. The role of financial manager has proved to be more vast compared to merely an accountant and therefore the demand for financial managers has been increasing in recent years.

The role of financial manager includes evaluating the potential projects for its financial viability, assess the finances required, identifies the sources for funding, get those funding, then implement, and monitor those projects for its financial compliance.

  1. Accounting

A in demand degree in every industry, further specialties as tax accountants, corporate accountants, actuarial accountants, management accountants, auditors, budget analyst and lot more. This qualification enables the graduates to maintain financial records as well as prepare financial statements required by the statutory as well as stakeholders.

Candidates are taught cash management, which ensures that all in flows and out flows are recorded and reported as per generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

  1. Business Administration

A degree, which has always been in demand since ages. This degree is very versatile and therefore the graduates can avail different potential careers. This qualification enables the graduates about the know how to run a business, how manager their employees in order to ensure efficiency as well as productivity.

A business administration graduate has learnt to generate ideal business plans and know how to implement them successfully.

They can generate business plans identifying their weaknesses and the remedies for those weaknesses. They are well versed in all business functions including human resource management, marketing, finance and many more. This qualification coupled with your basic education, plays a vital role in achieving leadership position in any industry.

In many countries, an online degree programs are available in business administration due to its increasing demand. There are many potential careers for the graduates and prospective positions includes managers, analysts, CEOs and many more.  Moreover, in demand qualification in every industry and often offers a well-paid career.

  1. Law

A degree in Law enables its graduates to contribute as well as ensure availability of justice in the world and fight for the rights of people. There are numerous broader specialties in law, which further offer sub specialties.

Very lucrative careers for the law graduates all around the world includes lawyer, solicitor, judge, and prosecutor.  Their career varies with their specialty they have in education and expertise.

Some graduates choose to work as legal counselors in public or corporate sector, or as domestic issues counselors. Immigration experts. With a law degree you and further assessment, you get the license to practice law, but those who choose to go to courtroom to defend their clients becomes solicitors.

Some ambitious lawyers open their own law firm and some join an already established firm.

The industry is huge all around the world and success is very much dependent on a candidate hard work and competence.

10. Environmental Science

With increasing awareness and concern about environment, an environmental science degree is an opportunity for students who are enthusiastic to work in the natural world with the intention to safeguard and promote nature. The graduates learn to assess different threats to the natural world and the remedy to control or eradicate those threats.

After completion of degree the available careers includes environmental specialists and environmental scientists. Environmental science has a recent spike in demand in every country as this industry has seen a boom everywhere.

There are many more qualifications, graduate as well as master programs. Once you know which degree you want to choose, which definitely should complement your skills or prior qualification as well as interest, then do your research about the best institutes which offer those degrees.


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