List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad for Foodies

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A foodie is a person who has irreplaceable love for food, in short a gourmet. But selecting a good place to dine in is always a difficult task. That is why, we have decided to share a List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad for Foodies.

These days usually a person look for following three things while selecting a restaurant for dinner or lunch with friends and family:

  1. Quality of food
  2. Ambiance
  3. Rates/charges

List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad for Foodies

Keeping in view these three things, we have came across a List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad. Let’s have a look at these places:

  1. Ox & Grill Islamabad 

One of my most favorite place to dine in these days. Trust me I had tried their almost all menu and not a single things has disappointed me, Yummy food with perfect ambiance. A far as the prices are concerned, I won’t lie, Ox & Grill is a little bit expensive place. But I must say they are paying according to their food quality. Hence prices are justified.

2. Tayto 

Tayto is my another favorite place with very good prices too. Its located in both Safa Gold Mall and Centaurus. Burgers, Steaks, Pastas are the most recommendable menus of Tayto.

3. Howdy

How can I miss Howdy here. Beautiful ambiance and another best place for burgers in town. Their beef burgers are more tasty. Above all, even Howdy’s menu style and names of items will make you laugh like anything. Must try Howdy and please share your reviews too.

4. Khyber Dodai

This new desi-menu place is all like having KPK food in town. I tried their “Sulemani Chicken Karahi” during my first visit with Lassi. Trust me it just took me breath for a second. Expert desi food outlet in Islamabad and it is located in F-6 Markaz above Shaheen chemist. Prices and ambiance both are good.

This is the list of latest restaurants from Islamabad because due to recent CDA notice, many restaurants were closed. Additionally, many brands took this opportunity for themselves and launched new restaurants in Islamabad.

List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad for Foodies

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