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Transforming Against Odds-KPK Province on the Rise

KPK is No More the Same as Portrayed in the Media

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From last few years, everyone relates political disrupts, terrorism and extremism with the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). No good thing has ever been affiliated with KPK by any medium since the last decade. Even if you search about KPK in Google, you cannot find any good terms mentioned about the province other than that of politics. It is still a reality that all these happenings have been part of KPK. But no one has put the effort in highlighting better things happening in the province. Yet there are stories worth mentioning of individuals who have come forth in this time of despair and achieved big things. Transforming Against Odds-KPK Province on the Rise.

I was doing research today for my work at a coffee house in Islamabad. While doing that I opened Google website and wrote just KPK in the search bar. All I could find was the news about politics on the first page of Google and most of the links there were two to three years old.

Now KPK has everything to offer to its public and is on the rise in business, education & various other industries

This situation forced me to think for a while and shortlisted some of the worth-praising factors and initiatives by individuals that despite hard time introduced good things in KPK. I have come across various people or platforms on social media that are from KPK and have achieved huge things in their respective sectors. I felt a strong urge to become a medium for KPK in promoting all the good things related to this province. There is so much to cover from Culture to Arts and technology to political awareness. The people always used to turn to other provinces due to less exposure and opportunities in KPK but now the situation has changed. Now KPK has everything to offer and is on the rise in business, education and other sectors as well. All of these factors have ultimately contributed in providing opportunities to the people and improving their lifestyle.

Transforming Against Odds-KPK Province on the Rise

This blog is going to highlight the technology platforms that are contributing to making KPK great. I will write a series of other blogs that will highlight other sectors contributing to a better KPK.

Technological Transformation of KPK

KPK is thriving equally in the IT sector as the rest of Pakistan. The province has achieved various milestones in this sector and even initiated first of its kind projects in Pakistan. I will try to cover various of those initiatives in this blog.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technology Board is striving leaps and bounds to put KPK on the digital map. KPITB has initiated several projects across the province to promote Digital Literacy and entrepreneurship. I consider KPITB as the torch bearer for enabling the people of KPK to march towards digital innovation and entrepreneurship. Look at only a few of the projects that KPITB has initiated recently and that the organization’s commitment towards its goal.

Transforming Against Odds-KPK Province on the Rise

The fundamental aim of this blog is to highlight the worth-mentioning side of KPK which is currently being missed

One remarkable and first of its kind project that KPITB has initiated in collaboration with World Bank is Digital Youth Summit. It’s a tech conference and startup expo that takes place annually in Peshawar, KPK. DYS has quickly become the most premiere tech event of Pakistan and has successfully attracted international speakers for the event in Peshawar.

Another mega project of KPITB worth mentioning is the setting up of technology incubation centers across KPK. KPITB has inaugurated Durshal in the city of Mardan and Swat. It also plans to set up such incubators in more cities of KPK.

National Incubation Center Peshawar

National incubation Center Peshawar is a technology hub aimed at incubating technology startups of Peshawar. It is a joint venture by LKMT and PTCL while it is funded by Ignite Fund.

Peshawar 2.0

Peshawar 2.0 is also a great platform for incubating young innovators. It provides grooming and the facility to such people in connecting with investors and right mentors.

Basecamp Peshawar

Basecamp Peshawar is also aimed at building and promoting startup community in Peshawar. This platform is targeted on the youth of Peshawar to instill entrepreneurship skills in them and prepare them to produce more jobs in the province.

Institute of Integrated Biosciences

I am listing this institute in particular because this is the leading institute in Pakistan that offers world-class degree programs in life sciences. IIB is focused on providing cutting-edge research in integrating life sciences with technology. IIB provides a solid platform for its students to become innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers of the future. As a result of these efforts, the students of this institute have won Silver Medal at the Award Ceremony that took place at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The students participated as iGem Peshawar team. iGEM Peshawar team 2017 was also nominated for the Best Bio-safety Award.

I may have missed various of other such initiatives which I will try to update in this blog after more research. Because some of the private sector universities are also thriving for providing better platforms to the students of KPK. Also, I will try to write a separate series of blogs on other aspects of KPK; and how as a province it is thriving after facing hard times. It is necessary to promote such developments as it will help bringing up a positive image about KPK; hence it will also help in bridging the gap between people of KPK and other provinces. The fundamental aim is to highlight the worth-mentioning side of KPK which is currently being missed.

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